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The Latest Reveal On 'The Masked Singer' May Be The Most Surprising Yet

When it comes to the hottest competition show on TV, few can compare to The Masked Singer. This week gave viewers, and the judges, the most surprising reveal yet!

On week 2, the poodle sang Pat Benatar's classic "Heartbreaker" and totally brought the house down.

The judges commented on how comfortable the songstress looked on stage, and how "hot" her body was.


The judges also commented on how she took to the stage so energetically.

Youtube | The Masked Singer

They had no idea who could be behind the mask, and honestly same!

The only specific guess thrown out by a judge was when Nicole Scherzinger said it might be "Jane Fonda" which... maybe ?

Last nights episode gave us clues to unlocking the true identity of the poodle, leading the judges in a few very different directions.

"I have to be flawless to do this role of the poodle justice."

Another clue alluded to a career in comedy, "whenever I wanna practice new material, I turn to my best friends."

Youtube | The Masked Singer

"Why did the apple turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!" She joked.

So when the poodle took the stage to sing Cyndi Lauper's ballad "Time After Time" this week, viewers were even more thrown off!

The poodle was singing and dancing and making everyone emo.

Some people guessed Maya Rudolph, a former SNL cast member who is currently playing a judge on "The Good Place" which makes the guess pretty valid!

Other guesses included Kathy Griffin, Jillian Michael and Pink.


Youtube | The Masked Singer

The gag? Judge Ken Jeong and Cho literally worked together on Dr.Ken like very recently, lol.

Needless to say viewers and the judges were totally shocked!

Youtube | The Masked Singer

We love the total roller coaster this journey took us on, and fans feel validated that such a queen was on the show.

Can't wait to see what happens next week!