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Pamela Anderson Wants Us To Know That 'Vegans Make The Best Lovers'

I don't want to date myself too badly here, but when I was a teenager, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger sex symbol than Pamela Anderson. But that was a different time, for sure, and a lot has happened in the intervening years.

I couldn't tell you for sure if she's still considered a sex symbol, but sex is clearly still on her mind. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But she went public with some views on sex in the current climate, and they're worth examining in more detail.

Pamela Anderson might be better known for her activism than her acting these days, as an outspoken supporter of PETA, among many other causes.

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And on Twitter recently, she made her voice heard about the state of men today with a pair of poems lamenting what she called "Empty Head disease," a condition she says is brought on by "Porn and PlayStation."

It's unclear what exactly brought on this poetic outburst.

The former Baywatch star clearly feels like something needs to be said, however. "We've lost many good men to this," she wrote. "GONE/No return."

Her second poem elaborated a little bit on her theory, saying that "The worst lovers watch porn."

She feels that, rather than porn-watchers, "Brave/and radical men who read/and who are engaged in the world are/sexy./Vegans make the best lovers — it's/proven."

However, she didn't offer up any solid evidence that vegans make the best lovers.

And while I'm sure most, if not all, vegans would agree with her, any scientific proof is, er, hard to come by.

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PETA has made similar claims in the past, suggesting that eating meat is linked to poor blood flow, which in turn reduces a man's ability to perform.

Studies have indeed shown that a diet rich in fruit, combined with regular exercise, can reduce the risk of ED by up to 20%.

And there are a few other studies of compounds in various fruits and vegetables that can be beneficial to blood flow where it counts.

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Citrulline, which is found in watermelon, is an excellent example of a naturally occurring ED fighter.

But there hasn't been nearly enough research done on actual performance between the sheets, vegan versus meat-eater, to say for sure.

Mind you, Pam's porn argument is a bit clearer.

There's quite a bit more research on the effects of porn both on relationships and on men's performance.

Although long-term studies haven't been possible because 24/7 streaming of porn just hasn't been around long enough, there are many online communities of men who have ditched porn because they've found it affecting their ability to rise to the occasion, according to Rolling Stone.

Folks on Twitter were pretty well split on whether she had a good point or not.

While many brought up her past as a Playboy Playmate and star of an infamous sex tape with Tommy Lee, others suggested that porn and video games aren't always negatives, especially in relationships where couple share those interests.

Mind you, she had a few supporters of her views as well.

But where Pam's argument falls flat isn't that "Porn is not what love looks like."

It's the idea that vegans don't play PlayStation or get freaky on their computers from time to time.

I mean, great blood flow might help a guy power up when it's game time, but it doesn't mean they can't enjoy video games. What makes the best lover isn't blood flow, or dietary decisions, but love.