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This Genius Hack Will Extend Your Baby's Nap So You Can Finally Take A Break

I absolutely love it when parents swap their tried and true hacks with each other online.

Taking care of a baby is hard work, so I'll try anything that makes life a little easier.

I'd be hard pressed to find a new parent that doesn't want their baby to sleep a little longer.

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One mom recently shared a unique hack that will keep your baby sleeping longer so you can take time to eat a bite, or take a shower.

I'd also be hard pressed to find a new parent who doesn't love a little DIY hack action!

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Like this baby hack for organizing tiny onesies in a cute and effective way!

For most new parents, the hardest adjustment is learning how to function without sleep.

All those night feedings and changes mean that sleep becomes a luxury for new parents. It can be a very tiring time.

Every parent has their tips and tricks for getting their baby to sleep longer.

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Some use a rocking chair, other people use soothers, and some parents rely on their swing in the first few months.

Whatever is safe and works for both you and your baby is always the best option!

Don't worry — there's no mommy shamers here! Just mommies and daddies trying to get some much needed sleep!

However, some parents have babies who will only sleep on their parents.

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My son was like this and it was brutal. I would basically have to hold him for his naps and if I even tried to put him down, he would wake up.

To combat this, one mom came up with a brilliant and easy hack that parents say works.

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It's really simple. All you have to do is fill a rubber glove with air and rest it on your baby's tummy. It will feel like your own hand is resting there.

Isn't this genius?! I wonder why I didn't think of this sooner!

Maybe it's all the sleep deprivation — which could have been aided by this hack!

Apparently, people have been doing their own variations on this hack.

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Some people would use bean bags to trick their snoozing babes. I love all the creativity that goes into taking care of these little people.

Moms everywhere are swearing by this hack.

Facebook | Baby Hints and Tips

As long as it is safe, do what you have to do to get a proper nap for your baby in. The rest will do both of you some good.

In fact, there is a product called the Zaky that is filled with beans and mimics a parent's soothing touch.


I don't know who thought of this product, but if it works it works. Maybe add one to your registry if you're expecting?

You can also make your own "helping hand" with a glove and uncooked rice.

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Some people even rub the glove on their skin and warm them up to create as much of a realistic imitation as possible.

I love when the internet can come together to help each other out!

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Parenting is not easy, it's a full time job — so when things like this pop up, it can really improve everyone's day!

And, it's a pretty easy DIY that will help make a little peace and quiet at home.

What do you think? Will you try this hack with your baby?