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Mom Hangs A 'No Breastfeeding Zone' Sign In Her Hospital Room To Stop Shamers In Their Tracks

Whether a mother chooses to breastfeed or not, at the end of the day we all need to respect her choice.

To stop formula-shamers in their tracks, one new mom decided to hang a "No Breastfeeding Zone" sign in her hospital room.

When you read her story, the reason why will make a lot of sense.

On the surface, Meghan Koziel looks like your typical 20-something woman.

Her Instagram feed features photos like this gorgeous maternity shoot with her husband, John.

Loving the red dress, Meghan!

Her and John have been married for just over three years, and they couldn't be any more adorable!

Instagram | @meghankoziel

So when the couple announced their pregnancy, the internet was overjoyed!

Look at her doing the most beautiful maternity shoot!

Instagram | @meghankoziel

Her caption for the pic? "If you're a bird, I'm a bird!"

So ya, I'm crying.

However, there's more to Meghan's story than meets the eye.

Just a few years ago, Meghan was battling breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Throughout her treatment and recovery, she has been incredibly candid about her life, sharing updates on Instagram and her blog She Sparkles On.

As part of her treatment, Meghan underwent a double mastectomy.

Thankfully, after an aggressive treatment plan, Meghan learned that she was deemed NED, or No Evidence of Disease in July 2017.

She and her husband could start their dream of beginning a family together!

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There's nothing better then watching someone's story take a deserving and positive turn for the best!

Meghan welcomed her daughter in the fall of 2018.

She named her little girl Kendra Jane. Congrats, Meghan. You both look adorable in this selfie.

While Meghan's dream of becoming a mom was now a reality, it meant that she would also have to deal with the mom-shamers who wondered why she wasn't breastfeeding.

Also why does anyone ever think it's okay to bash how someone raises their child when they're obviously doing their best?

Mom-shamers step back, please.

Knowing that she wouldn't be able to breastfeed because of her double mastectomy, Meghan had a smart idea.

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She designed "No Breastfeeding Zone" sign for her hospital room to let the rotating staff of doctors and nurses know that she would not be breastfeeding.

She started sharing pictures of her baby princess doing amazing and clearly loving her bottle!

Instagram | @meghankoziel

And a happy baby is a healthy baby, right?!

Meghan's story is incredibly relatable to other moms who are also breast cancer survivors.

Instagram | @meghankoziel

Unfortunately, in a busy hospital, doctors and nurses might not know a patient's full medical history, which can lead to hurtful comments.

That's why Meghan's sign is so smart and could help other moms who can't breastfeed as well.

Sadly, this situation of moms being shamed by health care professionals is common.

Instagram | @meghankoziel

It's so sad that these moms have beaten cancer and gone on to have their children, only to be shamed for not breastfeeding their baby.

Meghan's story is helping to shed light on this terrible situation.

Instagram | @meghankoziel

Shouldn't everyone just be happy she and her baby are healthy and nourished?

Other people are applauding her decision to stand by her choice.

Instagram | @meghankoziel

It's true — Meghan shouldn't have to defend her choices, but sadly we live in an age where parent-shaming is common.

Thank you for this genius idea, Meghan!

Instagram | @meghankoziel

I think a lot of moms will benefit from their own "No Breastfeeding Zone" signs in the future.

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