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Airbnb Is Looking For 4 People To Live In Italy This Summer, And It's Paying

One thing all younger folks should do is get out and travel and experience the world. But that's much easier said than done, of course. We can't all afford to take a semester off to backpack around Europe. And if you have the resources, the time is a huge challenge, too.

But at least one of those concerns is being alleviated thanks to Airbnb. They're helping a small Italian village get a much needed boost this summer, and they want four lucky people to come along so much that they're going to foot the bill.

This is Andrea, the founder of Wonder Grottole. He wants to share his hometown of Grottole, Italy, with the world, and he has enlisted Airbnb's help.

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Together, they're sponsoring four people to come and live in the southern Italian town, population 2,186, to spend June, July, and August living there on an Italian sabbatical.

Although it's obviously not a big enough town for many of us to have heard of it, it's an ancient and beautiful spot.

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And while it might seem like a sleepy, rustic town, there's plenty for the four lucky folks selected to live there to learn about and do for those three months.

For one thing, there's a legit ancient castle to explore and take pics of — it dates back to the 10th century.

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And, in fact, it's recommended, because part of the sabbatical includes helping Wonder Grottole with its mission of revitalizing the town's historical center, so showing off this beauty on the 'gram is a good start.

And then there's the surrounding area, which couldn't look more like an Italian postcard if you tried.

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You might just get to tromp through the vineyards and the olive groves or delve into the grottoes that families have been storing their wine in for centuries.

There are wonderful locals to meet, too.

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People like Rosa, "the best cook in town. Her door is always open if you get a sudden craving for pasta. She will be waiting for you in her kitchen where she will teach you how to prepare delicious Italian dishes."

And then there's Rocco, a Grottole original who has thrown himself into many passions.


He's the local hair stylist, and also a saffron producer and beekeeper. For him, beekeeping comes hand in hand with life in Grottole.

"For me it's a sanctuary of tranquility. If you start working with the bees then you will never leave them. Grottole is a small village on top of a hill. It's our little garden," he says.

See, in the time you're there, you're going to want to soak up all the knowledge and meet all the locals you can, because you'll be put to work as an ambassador.

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After your first month there, you'll be welcoming guests to their Airbnb and playing host to them while they're in town, so you'll want to have as much knowledge at your fingertips as possible.

Not a bad exchange for three months in Italy on Airbnb's dime, right?

If this sounds like a little slice of Mediterranean heaven to you, don't hesitate to throw your cap into the ring.

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Submit an application for your Italian sabbatical right here, and do it before February 17, 2019, 5:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (11:59 p.m. Central European Time).

With any luck, you'll be saying arrivederci to your normal life in no time.