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16+ Beauty Products You've Totally Been Using Wrong

The makeup community is big y'all, and even though I am a self proclaimed shopaholic beauty addict and support my dog all whilst maintaining Rouge status at Sephora, even I make mistakes!

I know, right? You're shocked and inspired.

But let's be real, there are soooo many makeup products out there. How can we know for sure we're using any of them right?

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Sure, you can ask a professionally trained makeup artist, but that's admitting defeat. Absolutely not.

That's why I'm here, friends.

1. Pull out your red lipstick, but don't put it on your lips!


Do you suffer from dark under eye bags? SAME.

Well babies, don't waste money on a color correcting concealer when you already own one! That's right! Just pat a small amount of red lipstick underneath your eyes before applying concealer and your peepers will look extra perky!

2. Dry shampoo isn't just for 3 day old hair, guys!

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Dry shampoo is so ideal for adding texture and volume to freshly washed hair! We all know how annoying and slippery clean hair can be to work with — this is the perfect solution!

3. Use foundation sticks to contour your face to achieve a full coverage carved-out glam!

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Why waste money on contour sticks when you can buy foundations a few shades lighter and a few shades darker to contour. Then, when you blend out - you'll be all covered and contoured.

4. You use the St.Ives Apricot Scrub EVER.

To keep this short and sweet — you're using this wrong if you're using it at all. Dermatologists can agree the walnut shell chunks found in the popular scrub are far too abrasive for your delicate skin!

5. You're over-conditioning your roots and under-conditioning your ends.

Our roots are naturally the most nourished parts of our hair, while the ends are often dried and prone to breakage. The next time you're washing your hair, keep the roots shampoo'd but ditch the conditioner and you'll have more vibrant and voluminous hair.

6. You're keeping your face mask on for too long.

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I'm super guilty of this skin sin because hello, leaving a mask on is supposed to make it work more right? WRONG. Leaving a face mask on for too long can lead to over-drying the skin causing more harm than good! Yikes!

7. Using baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes, not your face!

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Using baby shampoo to cleanse your skin really strips it of its natural oils! Let's keep it for babies and brushes, k bbys?

8. You're throwing out your gorgeous fake lashes after only one use!

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Even the most inexpensive lashes can be reborn and revived for another glamorous night out! Just make sure to comb them with eye makeup remover and let them dry completely before your next wear!

9. You're applying your serums AFTER your moisturize!

According to New Beauty "Serums are made with smaller molecules and are highly concentrated, which makes them very effective so they need to be closer to the skin.”

10. You're not washing/exfoliating/moisturizing your neck.

Our necks always get neckglected (hehe) in our skin care routine — which, TBH, is so sad because our necks deserve some TLC!

11. You're using your bronzer as a contour powder!

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Unless your bronzer is totally matte and opaque, it's the wrong choice for contouring! Bronzer tends to be shimmery and more golden, which creates a beautiful warmth on the skin - but can be too harsh if used as a contour!

12. You're not wetting your beautyblender before using it!

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I live and breath for my beautyblender — it keeps my foundation flawless and super blended, but if you use it dry you're allowing so much product to go to waste! Make sure you dampen your beloved sponge before going into slay mode.

13. You're not baking!

Baking your under eye area is essential to a long lasting glow. Just apply lots of powder (more than you normally would) and let it "bake" for 5-10 minutes before dusting off the excess with a fluffy powder brush!

14. You're only using lash glue for your lashes!

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Lash glue is perfect for working a shimmery eye look! No one wants eye glitter fallout, so before you get your sparkle party started, apply a little lash glue to your lid!


Oh you thought your fake tan lotion was only for body? WRONG! The beauty of tanning lotion is it can be applied to the parts of your face you normally contour. Genius, right?

16. You're only using under eye cream on your under eyes!

YES, it would make sense that you'd do this but lemme tell you — the ultra nourishing formula of an under eye cream makes it amazing for any super dry part of your body or face.

17. Use your eyebrow pencil for a more neutral eyeliner!

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Sometimes black eyeliner can look and feel too harsh on an everyday eye look, so next time you want a "no makeup, makeup" look, try swapping out your liner for your eyebrow pencil!

18. You're not utilizing blush and bronzer as eye shadow!

While we love bold and fun colors, a great on-the-go option for eye shadow is your blush, bronzer, highlight etc!

19. You're only highlighting your cheekbones!

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Want to look like you're a glowing angel from heaven, a la Kylie Jenner? Then make sure to put some gorgeous highlighter on your cheekbones but also the bridge of your nose, your brow bone and your cupid's bow!

20. Prime your eyelids with concealer!

There's no need to waste money on eye shadow primer when you have concealer on hand! Not only does it keep your eye shadow on all day, it helps cancel out any discoloration your eyelids may have!

21. You're not using your lipstick as blush!

Lipstick is so multi-purpose, eh?! The next time you want a gorgeous, natural blush, try your favorite lipstick! It'll look super natural and have your cheeks looking extra kissable.

22.You're using the same brush from your blush and your bronzer!

GORL, stop what you're doing right now. Muddying the waters of your blush and bronzer will only lead to disaster!

23. You've been applying perfume to all the wrong places!

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Most of us spritz our perfume on ourselves and don't think twice, but ideally you want to apply the fragrance on your pulse points — behind your ears, the side of the wrists and the back of the neck. Always spritz from a distance and don't spray straight into your hair because it really dries it out!