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The Soft Cuddly, Boyfriend Pillow Is Here To Make That Single Life Easier

I've had a lot of experience being single and for the most part, it's fine. I've always liked being left to my own devices and not having to explain whatever weird behavior I feel like doing at the time.

But I'd be lying if I said it didn't get lonely sometimes. And with the way I like to cover myself in blankets at night, I think it's clear that I like being held.

For that reason, I can totally understand why the product we're talking about today would appeal to people.

Meet the boyfriend pillow. It may look like an unfinished Muppet, but it's about as soft and cuddly as that implies.


As the product description suggests, its odd shape means it's often treated as a gag gift, but it doesn't have the drawbacks that those usually do.

For one, it's supposed to be durable enough to last longer than a regrettable relationship.

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It stays as comfortable and sturdy as we've come to expect from our pillows and the seller also said it can help achieve a better night's sleep.

Of course, that depends on whether you sleep better with somebody's arm around you.


That arm is basically the pillow's main selling point and it's extendable, which makes it easier to find the most comfortable position.

As we all know, that's one of the biggest challenges with actually sleeping next to someone. Arms have a pesky habit of falling asleep.

Also, if you're like me and your allergies can't deal with feathers, you're OK on that front too.

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After all, waking up with burning, teary eyes comes a little too close to emulating the bad parts of a relationship and that's exactly what people are trying to avoid when they buy this.

Instead, it's a cotton blend.

The seller also maintains that the "shirt" it's wearing is as soft and light as the pillow its covering.

They also promise that it won't itch or irritate your skin, so you'll know who to send any grievances to if it does.

But of course, the seller can say whatever they want. What do people who actually use it think?

If this person's hashtags are of any indication, she received this as a gag gift because she's single. Fortunately, the joke doesn't seem to be the only enjoyment she's getting out of the pillow.

And people's affection for it don't seem to go away after the honeymoon period, either.

Gary here seems to have no trouble keeping his girlfriend satisfied. That's not bad for a guy who's technically just an arm and half a torso.

It certainly won't say anything embarrassing when it meets the parents, either.

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That's probably a big part of why this dad approves of such a stand-up guy. There's definitely no need to worry where he's taking her, either.

But yeah, if this sounds like it'll provide the cuddle you need, you can pick one out here.