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Bryan Cranston Hanging Out A Window To Support The Women's March Is A Big Mood

January 19th marked yet another year of thousands of women and men coming together in solidarity to resist the Trump presidency, take a stand for equality, build power, and train activists.

The 2019 Women's March took place in cities across the globe, and brought out many famous faces for the cause.

The annual Women's March is a beautiful thing.

There's something special about seeing thousands of people come together in solidarity.

One of my favorite parts is seeing the incredibly creative and impactful posters each year.

They always make a huge statement, and I can't get over how unique they all are.

Of course, a lot of celebrities often show up to the march as well.

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This year, we saw many famous faces at the march, including Evan Rachel Wood, Laverne Cox, and Sarah Hyland.

Fans were definitely thrilled to see a surprise face show his support: Bryan Cranston.

The Breaking Bad actor was at the Belasco Theater, where he is performing in the play, Network.

One fan captured the moment that Bryan climbed out his window and onto the ledge to show his support to the rallying crowd below.

People were thrilled to see him!

Even taking the time to do such a small act, really says so much.

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Bryan might be known for playing the villain on TV, but it's clear that he's far from that in real life.

He shared a video of his view.

"Exciting to witness and support these powerful women of all ages, colors and creeds. Change is coming!" he wrote.

Such a mood.

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Let's hope that more celebs stand up and speak out in 2019. Keep the momentum going, ladies and gentlemen!