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Girl Chooses Brother Who Has Cerebral Palsy As Graduation Dance Partner

When somebody enters a big stage in their life, it's worthy of a celebration for the whole family. However, when one of the members of that family has issues with mobility, it can be unfortunately easy for them to feel left out when everyone is dancing together.

But one little girl in Brazil made absolutely sure that this not only didn't happen, but that her little brother felt like the star of the show.

In Brazil, kids graduate the first stage of elementary school at around 11 years old.

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This girl had just achieved that milestone, but if her family didn't agree to one condition, she had no interest in attending the ceremony.

That condition? Her younger brother, who lives with cerebral palsy, needed to be in attendance.

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As we can see here, that was perfectly doable and he was there in his wheelchair looking appropriately dapper.

His sister wasn't just hoping he would see her graduate, though.

There was a particular structure to this graduation ceremony and it involved a special dance.

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After the graduates walked in a circle and sat down, they would choose somebody to dance with them.

As long as this person was in the building, there were no real restrictions on who they could pick.

The little girl in our story clearly knew this ahead of time, which explains why she was so insistent that her brother attend.

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If he didn't get to be her dance partner, she was not going to go through with any other part of the ceremony.

And so, after she gave a little curtsy, the dance between brother and sister began.

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Throughout their dance, her little brother could be seen smiling brightly. This dance obviously meant as much to him as it did to her.

As she grabbed her brother's chair, she would turn them both around and sway from side to side.

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Every now and then, she would let go of the wheelchair and do a little twirl on her own, but this never lasted long.

Not only that, but she made sure that her brother felt what that little twirl was like.

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So she would sometimes go behind his chair and spin him around a little too. Moving it in a circle could get a little tricky, but she managed without too much trouble.

When the dance finished, the rest of the family joined them in excitement.

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It's a heartwarming scene and each adorable little twirl of it can be found here.

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