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These Viral Pictures Of Jason Momoa Being A Good Dad Will Make Your Ovaries Hurt

Just when you thought Jason Momoa couldn't get any better, he steals our hearts with something besides his perfectly chiseled abs— handcrafted by God— his adorable fathering skills.

His swoon-worthy looks aside, it's always nice to see a dad that is so involved with his family, even though his job is probably very demanding— being a famous actor and all.

Jason and his daughter, Lola, go long-boarding together.

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I seriously can't even.

One thing is clear though, Lola is going to be quite the heartbreaker when she grows up.

Alright, my day is officially made.

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These kids have no idea how lucky they are that Jason Momoa is their dad, and they get to just casually take a nap in front of a view like that.

Talk about living the dream, amirite?

Everything about this is way too cute.

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Like father like daughter!

Also, really digging Lola's unicorn t-shirt. Is it acceptable for adults to wear something like that, 'cause I definitely want one.

Jason is a big rock-climbing fan, and he loves bringing his kids along for the adventure.

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His Instagram is filled with photos of him and kids rock climbing together, and while they're not doing much rock climbing in this photo, I can safely assume they were just about to.

That's right, they got to meet Slash!

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I didn't think it was possible for these kids lives to get any cooler. I mean, their dad is Aquaman.

But then they got to meet Slash. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

Love how they're all making the same face in this photo. Too cute.

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The resemblance between these three is adorable.

I do have questions about the tribal paint though. Mainly, what was the occasion?

All of their facial expressions are priceless in this one.

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The face Nakoa-Wolf is making in this photo, is literally my expression almost at all times. It has so many meanings.

Shout out to mom, Lisa Bonet, who's probably the one taking all these photos.

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Whatever beach they're at, it looks absolutely surreal, and I would give anything to be that other person walking ahead in the distance.

What a gorgeous shot!

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Obviously, this was a staged shoot. But I don't care, because it looks like something out of a Hallmark card, or another stock photo that comes with a picture frame.

Nothing like a family nap on the couch.

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This looks a tad uncomfortable, not going to lie! But still super cute.

Loving all the mismatched pajama action going on here!

Such a gorgeous looking family.

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We get it, you guys are perfect, you can stop rubbing it in our faces anytime now!

This photo really puts Jason's height into perspective. The man is basically a tree!

Once again, mom is the real MPV for taking this photo.

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If there's one thing we've learned today, it's that Lisa has a serious eye for photography. It may just be her new calling.

If this isn't the coolest family on the planet, I don't know who is.

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Loving this group pose.

I wish my parents took me to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was a kid.

These two are slaying the matching outfit game.

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Lola is serving looks in those cargo overalls, and Jason, well, he's always serving looks. No surprise there.

He really does bring his kids everywhere.

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It must be nice being the daughter and son of two famous people.

Not just for bragging rights, but because of all the excursions they get to partake in!

Ignoring the fact that they have an entire tribe behind them, this is an adorable family photo-op.

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For once, Lisa got to be in the photo instead of taking it.

Rock climbing, round two!

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And this time they have an entire entourage with them, to make things even more interesting!

Nakoa-Wolf's facial expression is, once again, amazing.

Name a better looking family, I'll wait.

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Their, as Jason would say, "ohana", is giving us a cuteness overload with this one.

All other families can go ahead and throw in the towel, 'cause there's no competing with this.

This is so cute, it could pass for one of the photos that comes in the frame when you buy it.

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This is a precious moment if I've ever seen one.

Here they are posing with Chris Pratt.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy meets Aquaman. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

This is the greatest thing I've seen all week.

I'm convinced that this family has the nicest heads of hair in the world.

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Jason included.

But in all seriousness, those kids are really blessed. They have the world's coolest dad, hair to die for!

Here's a shot of Jason and his son, Nakoa-Wolf, at the premier of "Aquaman".

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So, if you're Jason Momoa's kid, you get to take naps by the lake, go rock climbing, meet Slash, travel the world, and attend movie premiers.

That's the dream.

Please take in how bold all of their outfit choices are in this photo.

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Let's break this down.

Nakoa-Wolf has, what looks to be, a zebra-print bad. Very chic. Lola is rocking the tiger-stripe leather jacket, and dad is wearing a top hat.

I am just going to state the obvious, here.

Jason Momoa is dreamy AF, and posting adorable dad-photos, only makes him hotter.

We're all thinking it. I just said it.