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Artist Creates Beautiful Henna Crowns That Empower Cancer Patients

Battling a life-threatening illness like cancer is tough enough as it is, and losing your hair as a side effect of the very therapy used to combat the illness must feel like an unnecessary blow.

But those who are fighting cancer often seem to have a perspective on life that can only be interpreted as inspiring, and on days when they might be feeling less hopeful, SARAHENNA lends a helping hand.

SARAHENNA is a professional henna tattoo company that offers a variety of services, from wedding henna to casual tats.

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But one of their most admired services are their gift-based henna crowns, donated to chemo-therapy patients.

Sarah, the head of the organization, has been studying this Indian tradition since 2008.

In a comment on Instagram, she said, "I love that henna has long and rich traditions in many parts of the world, and that it's continuing to provide beauty to people during both celebrations and difficult times."

"I initially began doing henna crowns when my mom asked me to do one for her friend who had recently lost her hair during chemotherapy."

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"From that point on, I knew I wanted to continue to offer crowns for people." she explained to Great Big Story.

Vicki Sumner, a client of Sarah's, said that when she has the henna crown on, "it's as if people don't see the sickness."

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In the same interview, she continues, "They just look and they see this beautiful artwork, and it's empowering. It's nice to feel almost normal again."

"I'm grateful for all of the time I share with each and every person that comes to me for a henna crown."

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"I appreciate the gifts that they bring: thankfulness, joy, courage, strength, love." Sarah explained in a caption.

"Henna crowns offer an alternative to wigs and hats, which can be especially welcome during the summertime."

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Their website features reviews from past clients who have a a lot of amazing things to say.

One quote from Chanel White, The Tube Fed Wife, describes the very essence of SARAHENNA's work, “If you survive chemo, then you are a queen and you deserve a crown.”