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A Video Of Steve Harvey's Grandkids "Breastfeeding" Their Dolls Has People Divided

We know by now that celebs are not immune to parent-shaming, but it seems that grandparent-shaming is a thing, too.

Comedian Steve Harvey and his wife are being criticized for posting a video of their granddaughters playing with their dolls.

While it seems that people will look for an excuse to criticize people these days, some brought up valid points.

Comedian Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, are proud grandparents.

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They recently welcomed a new addition to their large family, baby Ezra! Congrats, Steve and Marjorie. You can tell they love being grandparents.

Marjorie also frequently shares photos of her granddaughters, Elle and Rose.

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Most grandparents can't resist uploading every single picture they take of their grandchildren to Instagram. I get it — you just want to share those photos with the world!

A recent video uploaded by Marjorie has caused some controversy though.

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In the video, Rose and Elle pretend to breastfeed their dolls just like mom. Since there is a new baby around, it makes sense that they are copying how their mom cares for Ezra.

Despite this looking like a pretty innocent video of girls playing with their dolls, the comments section got heated.

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People had some very strong opinions over what seems to be a harmless video of two girls playing with their dolls, but let's see what they said.

A few commenters believed this was not age-appropriate play for the little girls.

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To be fair, if they see their mom nursing their brother, the discussion is going to come up at some point. It's pretty hard to be discreet while breastfeeding a newborn and taking care of two little girls.

Some other people felt that this was a private moment that should have been left off social media.

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Children's privacy online is becoming a more serious issue as parents begin posting more photos of their kids on social media. This could be a good point to look into.

However, many people also supported the video.

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Many felt it was an innocent moment of little girls playing with their dolls and should be left at that. We do have a tendancy to overthink things when these girls probably haven't given it a second thought.

Other people shared that their daughters do this, too!

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I think if you polled a group of moms, I think you would find that this is pretty common behavior with children. They imitate what their parents do!

What do you think? Was the video innocent play, or should it have been kept off social media?