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Here's All The Clues We Missed About The Deer On 'Masked Singer' This Week

The Masked Singer has proven yet again that amazing voices can come from the most unexpected places. Not every contestant on The Masked Singer is a professional performer. The past two eliminations have included Antonio Brown (NFL player) and Tommy Chong (comedian).

Last night was no exception as the identity of the third contestant to be eliminated was revealed.

Youtube | The Masked Singer

And honestly, this one was hard for me but easy for others.


Terry Bradshaw, former NFL player and sports commentator was revealed under the mask!

Youtube | The Masked Singer

At 70 years old, Bradshaw shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Robin Thicke noticed it was the famous commentator by paying close attention to his mannerisms.

Youtube | The Masked Singer

Who knew THICKE was such an avid football fan?!

But this makes me wonder.... how didn't we catch this sooner?

Anyone who watches football on FOX should have recognized that voice easy!

I don't watch football so those rules don't apply to me.

But what clues are they referring to, you may ask? Don't worry - I got you!

The clues told us that the Deer was a former athlete who "knows how to throw" and has done TV commercials in the past.

Which I mean, who hasn't???

After that video was tweeted out, viewers immediately knew who it was!

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These people are SMART - I had literally no idea until the mask was OFF, honey! And still I didn't know who it was.


Take a listen for yourself and see if you would have been fooled.