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Disney Selling A Taste Of The Magic Kingdom With Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars

I have to admit, I've never had the joy of visiting any Disney park. Mind you, I'm not the greatest with crowds, so maybe it's just not for me. But maybe I'm missing out anyway — after all, they do call it the happiest place on Earth, and families keep going back year after year, so there must be something to it.

Until now, unless you actually went there, you couldn't actually get a taste of a Disney park. I'm sure that was to get the folks like me to finally take the plunge and cross into the Magic Kingdom. But now, even if you've never set foot in a Disney park, you can get at least a sample of the flavors others have known and loved for years.

Good news for all the princesses and Jedis out there: Disney is letting a treat out of its vault.

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A fan favorite will be magically appearing in freezers around the nation — for a limited time only, of course.

It's been 90 years since a certain mouse made his Disney debut, launching one of the most successful companies in U.S. history.

So, naturally, the house that the mouse built wants to give something back to its enormous fan base — they're making one of the signature treats of their parks available to everyone.

Until now, they've only been available behind the gates, but starting in February, you'll be able to buy Mickey Mouse ice cream bars on store shelves.

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There's no word yet on which stores in particular will carry them, but a box of six will retail for $7.49.

At the parks, they're a popular snack, with more than four million of them consumed just at Walt Disney World every year.

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And at $7.49 for a box of six, it's a much better deal than picking them up at the park, where just one of them will set you back $5.75.

Will a store-bought Mickey bar taste as good as it does at the park?

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Hard to say for sure — the bars weigh in at about 3 oz., while the bars at the park are closer to 4 oz. But they're being made by Nestle, same as the ones in the park, so they should taste the same even if the atmosphere is different.

But just going by all the pics of people with their Mickey bars at the park, it seems unlikely that they'll last long on shelves anyway.

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It looks like no trip to Disneyland, DisneyWorld, or any of their other properties is complete without frosty mouse ears on a stick.

Of course, seeing Mickey ice cream bars in the freezer at the grocery store won't be the only way to celebrate Disney's milestone.

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They have all kinds of events lined up for the big year. Disney already had a giant birthday party for the world's most famous rodent in November 2018, and they have more in store for us.

You can definitely count on there being more merch.

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There are countless brands getting in on the fun, from Oreos to Polaroid to Vans to Campbell's, among many others. Le Creuset is even offering a Mickey Mouse French oven!

At the parks and resorts and on the cruise lines, visitors will be able to partake in something called the "World's Biggest Mouse Party."

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Each park or resort will have their own take on what the party entails, but expect more events, parades, and Mickey-heavy surprises when you visit.