Walmart Is Selling This Gorgeous Reese's Bouquet For Valentine's Day

I know, it seems like you've just finished paying off Christmas — and maybe you aren't even there yet, if you're anything like me — and suddenly you have to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Unless you've worked something out with a particularly cool and forgiving significant other, chances are you have to come up with something good.

So it's definitely a good idea to get a head start on your V-Day planning early. Finding just the right thing within your budget isn't easy.

I think I echo a lot of people's feelings when I say that Reese's speaks a language my mouth cannot resist, my heart laments, and my pancreas fears.

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I mean, when it comes to reconstituting and repackaging various forms of sugar, they're masters. One intrepid candy explorer counted no less than 65 formats of Reese's products.

As astounding as that sounds, the popularity is undeniable. It's scientifically proven.

In a Five Thirty-Eight poll of best Halloween candies, Reese's products claimed the top two spots, and four of the top 10.

Their social media and marketing game is second to none, too.

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Just look at what they did for one fan who found his peanut butter cup without any peanut butter in the middle! They know people are passionate about peanut butter and chocolate, and they guard that fiercely.

And they've got their fans covered for Valentine's Day, too.


Anybody can pick up a bouquet of roses for their S.O. — but a bouquet of Reese's peanut butter cups? That's guaranteed to make you a Valentine's hero, right?

It's basically the classic flowers and chocolates combined into one gift.

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And you don't have to hit up Pinterest and fuss around with tape and ribbon to figure out how to make your own, which is always a bonus.

The bouquets pack in 36 peanut butter cups, accompanied by fake orange flowers and orange ribbons.

We're not counting calories here — pretty sure they don't calories don't exist on Valentine's anyway — but it definitely lives up to its name, the "Reese's Extravaganza Bouquet."

If, for some reason, your S.O. prefers a different candy, there are bouquets available in other flavors.


Hey, some folks are allergic to peanuts. Sad but true. So if that's the case, there are also Twizzler, Kit Kat, and M&M bouquets to let your sweetie know you care about their sweet tooth.

Let's face it though, Reese's are pretty much the best metaphor for a successful, committed relationship.

Ever since chocolate and peanut butter ran into each other, they've stayed together and been a smashing hit.

And now, this new way to bring them together is available here.