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Millie Bobby Brown Clapped Back After Fans Dragged Her Instagram Pic

Two days ago, Millie Bobby Brown posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a fitted, animal-print, long-sleeve midi dress with black heels, and the internet trolls had a field day.

But this wasn't the first time Millie had worn a dress and heels before, so we're a bit confused as to why this one in particular, struck a chord with the haters.

Nonetheless, she clapped back, her fans clapped back, and honestly? We're here for ALL of this messy drama.

Ever since the release of Netflix's "Stranger Things", Millie Bobby Brown has been kind of a big deal.

I mean, she's Eleven, the Eggo-eating, bald-headed, bloody-nosed kid with superpowers.

That's not something to be taken lightly.

And let's be honest, we could all use a style lesson from Millie.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

She absolutely slays every outfit she wears. I'd be ecstatic if I looked even half this good when I was 14.

But when she's out of costume, and dressed to the nines, she's been labelled as looking much older than her age.

Twitter | @MaraWilson

Mara Wilson, a former child-actor herself, has been quick to defend Millie on Twitter, clapping back at people for calling her all grown up, because she's simply not.

This isn't the first time she's been shamed, and it likely wont be the last.

Anyways, the drama at hand is all about THIS photo.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

If you ask me, there's nothing wrong with this outfit. She looks chic, confident, and happy.

Cue the haters!

The trolls came in like a pack of wolves and flooded Millie's comments with negativity.

It must be really difficult to see a photo on Instagram that you don't agree with, and not comment your opinion on it.

This person is concerned about what older men are going to think of Millie.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

It's 2019. Can we please stop basing everything we do off of what older men are going to think?

There's more to life than that.

The hate continued.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

It's interesting that they're outraged about Millie not dressing or acting her age —meanwhile, they are literally cyber-bullying a 14-year-old —like that's any better.

The irony is real.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

They're so worried about how this teenager is dressing, and how she needs to act her age when they should be worried about how their hurtful comments could be affecting her.

Some of the comments really crossed a line.

“When you hit puberty and think you’re 25,” one commenter wrote. Another wrote, “You’re like 12 where tf is your mother.”

Based on her sense of style, alone, I GUESS she looks older than 14.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Is it really her fault if she knows a trendy outfit from your typical, awkward, mismatched 14-year-old outfit? We should all be taking notes, instead of criticizing her.

But Millie doesn't stand for this type of nonsense, and she isn't afraid to defend herself.

Didn't they learn anything from watching Stranger Things? Don't mess with Eleven.

She kept it short and sweet.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Just a small reminder to all the judgemental commenters out there: If you don't like it, keep scrolling.

Couldn't have said it better myself. You go girl!

If that wasn't enough, she also has an angry mob of fans to defend her.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

This person wasn't afraid to state the obvious, and I'm applauding them for it.

People really do need to get a life, amen to that.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Let's not get it confused, being a teenager is a hard enough time as it is. You're in between being an adult and a kid.

Things were blown way out of proportion.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

At the end of the day, it's just a dress and heels, and not even the first time she's worn something like that.

Some people were just mad that she wasn't wearing cheap clothing.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

I'm pretty sure that if you were making the same amount of money as Millie Bobby Brown, you wouldn't be shopping for your clothes at Walmart either.

But sometimes people just have nothing better to do than to rudely comment on the wardrobe choices of a 14-year-old girl.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Unfortunately, it is one of the costs of being in the public eye during the era of social media.

Look, we can unanimously agree that Millie acts and looks very mature for her age. But that isn't a bad thing.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

For a 14-year-old, she has some exquisite fashion sense, and thick skin to calmly handle the haters with. Something many adults are lacking.

She's posted MANY OTHER photos in the past wearing dresses and heels before, and it never seemed to be a problem.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

If wearing a dress and heels is the crime, then Millie is guilty of getting away with it many times before.

But suddenly, a 14-year-old rocking a dress and heels is considered "inappropriate."

The trolls had a problem with the midi dress, but they didn't have a problem with the thigh high boots. Interesting.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

The midi dress was "too old" for Millie, but the boots and skirt are acceptable? Something isn't adding up here.

What was the sudden cause for concern, when Millie has been wearing what she wants from the start?

The social media trolls didn't seem to care when she sported this backless black dress and heels at the "Golden Globes."

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

Who knew that internet trolls could be so choosy.

Fans even accused Millie and Drake's friendship of being inappropriate.

Twitter | @overanalyze1421

It's easy for people to assume the worst. But chances are, Millie was probably just a very big Drake fan, and wanted to build a totally platonic friendship with him. No harm no foul.

But trolls felt very differently.

Regardless of all the controversy she faces, Millie is going to be turning 15 in a month — most of us were picking out own outfits by then.

YouTube | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

So maybe this whole situation was just a major overreaction by the trolls.

Either way, I think Millie is going to be just fine, and continue to school us on how to dress.

Until the next time she does something that the world wide web claims isn't age-appropriate.

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

After all, apparently, they make the rules on what girls are and aren't allowed to wear.