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All The Times Jessie James Decker Shared Honest Pics Of Breastfeeding

When it comes to breastfeeding, country singer Jessie James Decker is a pro at doing it on the go. When the baby needs to eat, it needs to eat!

We're applauding Jessie for all the times she's shared her breastfeeding experiences on Instagram and for helping normalize breastfeeding in public.

Jessie is one multitasking mama.

Instagram | @jessiejamesdecker

And multitasking mamas need to stay caffeinated!

Besides breastfeeding, Jessie also posts a lot of photos of babywearing which is one way busy moms like her can stay close to their babes and have their hands free.

Throwback to cluster feeding days.

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"Is it possible for a baby to want to be on the boob 23 hours a day? " Jessie captioned this photo.

In those first few months, that is how it feels. Thank you for sharing your story, Jessie!

This looks familiar.

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There were so many times where I had to nurse my son while attempting to eat my own dinner. Funny how your feeding schedule seems to line up with the baby's, huh?

In the studio.

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Many breastfeeding moms pump at work, and Jessie also understands that you can't put a pause on breastfeeding during work hours.

Hopefully, spreading awareness can put more supports in place so nursing moms to get their babies fed while they're at work.

Loving this glam shot.

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When you're home and nursing a baby all day, it can be hard to feel glamorous or even find time to take care of yourself.

I'm loving how Jessie's makeup is so on-point for this breastfeeding selfie.

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

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Jessie is really the queen of breastfeeding anytime, anywhere. That's the reality of the situation when you have a breastfed baby.

We're so glad that she's inspiring other moms and that her family is so supportive of her.

Breastfeeding moms get that it is a 24-hour a day commitment.

Instagram | @jessiejamesdecker

"Sometimes ya gotta eat on the job... when baby is hungry ya gotta feed em no matter what you’re doing," Jessie wrote on Instagram. In this photo, she paused a photoshoot to take a nursing break. Go, Jessie!


Instagram | @jessiejamesdecker

Milk for baby and a drink for mom. As long as everyone is hydrated and fed, I'll cheers to that!