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This Genius Parenting Hack Will Get Your Kids To Pick Up Their Toys

Emily McWilliams

Most parents know that getting your kids to do their chores can be a struggle. This viral parenting hack might just be the answer to your problems!

What I love most about this hack is that it's simple, cheap, and effective. What do you think of the toy jail?

Every parent knows that their kids probably have too many toys.

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My son just turned one and we are already overwhelmed with toys. And, of course, he'd rather just play with an empty cardboard box or the electrical outlets. Sigh.

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And every parent knows the pain that is stepping on one of your kid's toys.


I have given birth but stepping on a plastic shape the other day hurt so much that my eyes watered. Obviously, if you value your feet, having your kids pick up their toys is a priority.

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That's why I am loving this genius parenting hack.

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It's called a Toy Jail. When your child forgets to pick up a toy, it goes in the box. If your kid wants their toy back, they have to do a chore.

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All you need to make your own is a plastic container and a permanent marker.

Instagram | @__binsta_

That means that not only is hack smart, and it's also really cheap!

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Now that this hack has gone viral, parents are sharing their own versions.

Instagram | @l_hmurphy425

This parent used just a regular cardboard box. Honestly, you can use whatever you have lying around the house. Any container will work!

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This mom uses a few different versions.

Instagram | @theelephantsankles

You can use the toy jail along with some other motivational reward systems. She also stepped up her game by adding a deadline to when the chores need to be completed by.

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Even teachers are adopting this hack.

Unsplash | Element5 Digital

These are a great tool for the classroom and will help students learn to take responsibility for their items. Pretty smart if you ask me.

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And this mom made chore coupons that her kids can redeem to get their toys back.

Instagram | @sarahanderson8082

I love this! When my son is older I think I'm going to try something similar for him. What do you think of this hack?

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