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Jason Momoa's Viral Photos With His Grandmother Will Make You Love Him Even More

With Aquaman making bank across the globe, slowly becoming the best earning DC Comics film in history, Jason Momoa is on top of the world.

And it's well earned if you've followed his career from Stargate: Atlantis to Game Of Thrones to Conan to Frontier and finally to Justice League. He's put in the time and is finally seeing some fruit for his labors.

Grandma Love

That said, he's also a pretty likable dude. He might not be the right frequency for everybody, but it is hard to deny that he lives a happy life and tries to spread it around.

He's also willing to share it all on social media, with these photos with his grandmother capturing exactly why people seem to like him so much.

Let's look at some other lovable moments.

The Kids

Momoa posted this video last month and it features more of his family. In it, he's attending the premiere of Aquaman with his mother and kids.

Iowa Family

It's not the first time he's posted a pic with family. In the caption, he says this is his Iowa family, consisting of cousins, nieces, and nephews.


Based on his caption, one of the men in this photo is his father. Momoa's dad is Hawaiian, and Jason was born there before moving to Iowa.

Note The Shirt

Here he is wishing a happy birthday to Elvis and sporting a crazy shirt that some of us could never get away with wearing.

Just fun vibes.

Celebrating Number One

And then he's celebrating Aquaman right in the middle of a flight to point out that the film is number one around the world. He's also the first to show his appreciation to fans.

Top Hat

He might've gotten this from Slash? Who knows. But he is also giving thanks to some of the hand-crafted artists that helped him create his Justice League and Aquaman wardrobe.

The top hat catches the eyes but the praise for those who make it all possible is the real reason to like the guy.

Posing For Photos

And as we've seen, he's always game for a fun photo -- be it with fans or his former co-stars like this one with Joe Flanigan from Stargate: Atlantis and trainer Mada Abdelhamid or with fans looking to make some history.

He just seems like a bro.

Mom With Julia Roberts

Here he is posing for photos with his mom and Julia Roberts before going on "The Late Late Show With James Corden." He says they "geeked out" over meeting the actress.

Stout Double

It seems Momoa has more than enough love to go around. Here he is showing his appreciation for his stout double, and making a case for stout actors to be recognized by the Academy Awards.

Uncle Aquaman

More family! In this one, Momoa posts a photo of two of his nephews watching the Aqaman trailer. Can you imagine being a kid and your uncle was Aquaman? Sure must be neat.

Whole Hog

Here is Momoa back in Hawaii with friends and family cooking a whole hog, which is the absolutely best way to cook pork.

Happy Birthday

He wished his oldest daughter happy birthday last year with this sweet Instagram message. She's 11, and appears to be a very talented rock climber.

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