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Demi Moore Is Under Fire After Video Of Her Kissing Teen Boy Resurfaces

If you're at all keeping up with the world of celebrities, then you'll know that there's a lot happening right now in regards to various stars being faced with sexual assault allegations.

It looks like Demi Moore is the latest actress being added to the list.

You might have been hearing a lot about R. Kelly in the news right now.

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That's because Lifetime's documentary, Survivng R. Kelly, was just released, and it dives into how he had allegedly sexually assaulted many women over the years.

People aren't letting his actions go unnoticed any longer.

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And we just learned that the he could be facing a criminal investigation, thanks to the revealing content in the documentary.

The potential investigation is bringing up a lot of questions for people.

Some are wondering about the history of other celebrities, and there's even talk about the "sliding scale" of sexual assault and harassment.

Obviously, there are major differences, but at what point do we stop asking questions? People seem to be "letting things slide" when it comes to celebrities — especially the females.

Now, it's been a while since we've really heard much of anything from Demi Moore.

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She played the role of Selma in 2018's Love Sonia, and her latest film, Corporate Animals, is set to come out later this year.

Besides being known for her hits like "Ghost", and "Indecent Proposal", her personal life is also frequently discussed.

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Her marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years younger than her, have been splashed across headlines.

Even though she's been somewhat under the radar lately, blogger Perez Hilton is changing that.

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He took to Instagram to share a pretty old video of Demi, which seems to be from about 1982 or so.

In the video, Demi is at a restaurant with the cast of "General Hospital".

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She's with her co-star, Philip Tanzini, who was celebrating his 15th birthday at the time.

Demi is seen leaning over to Philip, and kissing him for an extended period of time, and again later in the video as well.

"Has #DemiMoore ever addressed and apologized for this video? Men aren't the only ones that are predators," Perez questioned.

The majority of people on Instagram were less than happy with the video, and weren't shy to say it.

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They felt that it was really uncomfortable to watch, and that it was pretty disgusting.

Of course, there were those who felt that it wasn't creepy at all.

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Some felt that it was only a kiss, so it was fine.

Others noticed that he didn't "seem upset" about it, so apparently, it's totally fine.

The video does bring up a good point about double standards.

If the gender roles were reversed, would we be okay with this happening?

Chances are, not so much.

It's also important to note that saying things like "he seemed to enjoy it" and "he said it was okay", are not acceptable arguments.

We should all know this by now. Oh, and the age of consent is not 15-years-old.

At the end of the day, laws are laws and we shouldn't be easing up on people simply because of their gender.

At this point, we can only hope that people learn from these past experiences, and adapt.

As of right now, Demi hasn't addressed the video.

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Do you think she will? Do you think she should?

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