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Lindsay Lohan Just Spilled The Tea On Why She Wasn't In 'Thank U, Next'

"Thank U, Next" has basically become a religion for non-scorned lovers everywhere. Even though I personally can't relate to the sentiment of being "grateful" for any of my exes (I'm grateful for their expensive thoughtful gifts, tho) I can respect Ari's anthem.

When the music video for "Thank U, Next" premiered, fans were gagging over all the celeb cameos.

The director of the music video, Hannah Lux David, had previously spoken about why Ari only wanted her friends in leading roles alongside her.

"We wanted to have her friends be the roles of her, of the plastics. From the get-go."

She continued, "Ariana was like, ‘I’m gonna have Alexa [Luria] as Karen, and Courtney [Chipolone] as Gretchen, and Liz [Gillies] as Cady."

Alexa Luria, Courtney Chipolone and Liz Gillies have been friends with Ari for years, through the good times and bad.

"She was really adamant about her friends being so prominent in the video...these are the girls that have been by her side during these hard times and she is so excited to have this moment with them, forever time capsuled, of all these, her best friends with her, just gettin' loose and having a good time."

However, some fans thought it was odd that Ari had featured lots of real co-star cameos from the movies original cast.


Naturally, the number one person people were demanding to see was Lindsay Lohan.

Conspiracies began swirling.

Why was Johnathan Bennett there and not Lindsay?

Is Lindsay jealous of Ari?

Was LiLo simply partying in Mykonos, bitch?

Hmm. Interesting.

It's not like Ari played Cady. She was Regina, which duh, but technically there would be room for LiLo.

I mean, it could just be because Ari only wanted to cast her friends (just like the director said) but that's not JUICY enough!

I want drama! I want tea! I want #justiceforplastics!

So when Lindsay posted this super cute selfie with Johnathan (aka Aaron Samuels, you plebs) everyone thought it was super grool.

But, it was pointed out by Twitter user @MistDawnCarlson that Bennett is a supporting actor, not a lead.

She continued on to say there was no main characters from any of the movies referenced in the video.

There was no Jennifer Garner (13 Going On 30), no Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde), no Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On) so therefore, no Lindsay makes sense.

And yes, did we love love LOVE having momager Kris Jenner make a cameo as Amy Poehler? OF COURSE.

Who wouldn't love this?

And yes, did we love seeing the gorgeous and timeless Jennifer Coolidge revive her "Legally Blonde" character, Paulette? DUH.

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The cameo had me both bending and snapping for more!

So when Lindsay went on Jenny McCarthy's podcast to discuss her new MTV show "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club", the music video obvs got brought up!

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Sidebar -- how jazzed are we for Lindsay's new show? I'm gagging.

LiLo told Jenny that she saw the music video and thought it was "great!"

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When asked why she wasn't in it, Lindsay replied "they probably couldn't get in touch with me I guess, I don't know."

Interesting that we're talking about getting in touch with someone in 2018, not 1918.

I'm looking @you, Ari.

JK, I love you Ari and you're perfect and sure I'm LiLo was truly hard to get a hold of!!!!!!

"It's not that easy to just fly in from Dubai" LiLo added.

Oh, okay little Miss International. Okay little Miss Jetsetter. I see you, boo, I see you.

First she's in Mykonos, now Dubai?????

What's next? THE MOON?????

Obviously, Twitter had to weigh in on the drama.

Some are speculating LiLo charges a pretty penny for a cameo - and truly, who could blame her?

Some people went straight for the attack, which is RUDE and AGEIST!

Lindsay is a timeless treasure, how dare you????

Also, the "too old" argument totally doesn't hold up because Ari is 25 and played a high school drama queen.

As Kirsten Dunst would say to the h8ters, "BRING IT ON"!

Later on in the interview, Jenny asks LiLo if Ari got her blessing before using her character in the video.

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"No." Lindsay replied.

"I loved the video. I like her a lot"

Jenny then asked if Lindsay would have even WANTED to be in the music video if she was asked.

LiLo replied simply "if I was in town."


Some fans were shook that Ari never kissed Cady's ring.

But honestly, if Lindsay isn't phased - we shouldn't be either?

And in many ways, it's kinda like Lindsay was there, because the girl who played Cady (Ari's bff Liz Gillies) looks EXACTLY LIKE HER.

Twitter | @pielfeerica

Many fans thought Liz was actually Lindsay at first glance.



Someone call the police cause I think we have a shape-shifting HUNNI on our hands.

But you know what truly matters at the end of the day?

That the LAWD above blessed us with the masterpiece that is "Thank U, Next" no matter who is or ISN'T IN IT, tbh.