People Are Roasting Kendall Jenner For Her "Emotional" Announcement

There's always something going on with the Kardashian/Jenner family, isn't there?

Lately, people are seriously upset with Kendall Jenner after she hyped up a major announcement that ended up being incredibly disappointing. On top of that, she was caught lying about it too. Uh-oh!

This is Kendall Jenner.

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She's the younger sister to Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian.

And even though her sisters have left some pretty big footsteps to follow in, Kendall has had no problem making a name for herself.

In the past, Kendall has been open about her struggle with anxiety, and even uses a weighted blanket to calm herself down.

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So when she hinted at a "big" announcement coming up, fans immedately thought that it was going to be pretty serious.

Even Kris Jenner took to Twitter and made some pretty bold claims.

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She said that she was proud of Kendall for being "vulnerable" and sharing her "raw story".

Quite the buildup, right?

Well, when the big announcement was finally revealed, fans were upset to learn that Kendall was simply partnering with Proactiv.

Twitter | @anxiousabrina

In the campaign, Kendall told fans that she's struggled with acne in the past, and it was Proactive that cleared up her skin.

As if fans weren't annoyed enough, they had a hard time believing that Kendall really used Proactiv as a teenager.

One fan even uncovered an interview that Cosmopolitan shared from 2015 that spilled the true tea, and basically proved that Kendall was lying.

In the interview, Kendall spoke about having acne as a teenager, but she certainly didn't credit Proactiv as her cure.

Instead, it was a dermatologist who used laser therapy to leave her "acne-free for about three years now."

In a separate interview with The New York Times, her sister, Kylie, also revealed that Kendall used a dermatologist.


Obviously, when a celebrity endorses a product, you hope that they actually use it in real life, but sadly, that's not always the case.

Clearly fans aren't happy about this emotional announcement build up, and about the fact that Kendall likely never used Proactiv as a teenager.

Instagram | @kendalljenner

So far there's been no word from Kendall on this old interview, and I doubt that she'll say anything about it all.

It's fair to expect that a millionaire family wouldn't use Proactiv, but did she have to lie and say that she did?