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15+ Gorgeous Hostels Around the World That Are Actually Affordable

Traveling is something we're all trying to do, but at the expense of emptying our bank accounts, can seem daunting. The good news is, there's a way to explore the most beautiful parts of the globe, without paying an arm and a leg.

Nine times out of ten, when we picture a hostel, we picture some dingy, used-up, dorm room, packed with a bunch of 20-something-year-old backpackers who haven't showered in a while. But these ones will definitely change your mind about that!

Away With The Fairies Hostel in Hogsback, South Africa.

Away With The Fairies looks absolutely surreal. I would never pass up on the opportunity to take a bath on the side of a cliff with a view like that.

This has got to be some of the most pristine lodging for backpackers in the world, and you can stay here for just $15 per night.

Bodega Phuket Party Resort in Phuket, Thailand.

This hostel is the largest one in all of Thailand, and probably the most fun.

They offer a pool, free wifi, and best of all: free breakfast until noon. Doesn't get much better than that.

You can stay here for just $9.50 a night.

Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This spot in Amsterdam has a very Woodstock-esque, 70's, psychedelic vibe going on, and I'm obsessing over it.

You can stay in this hostel for just $20 per night.

What a steal.

A Casa Di Amici Boutique Hostel in Palermo, Italy.

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If you've seen The Lizzie McGuire Movie, there's a pretty good chance you're dying to visit Italy.

A Casa Di Amici is a musically-themed hostel, geared towards traveling artists— an extremely cultural experience, with amazing food of course, cause it's Italy.

You can stay here for only $55 per night.

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Instagram | @caiquenogueira

If you're going to bunk anywhere in Lisbon, this is the place to go. There's a pool table, a piano, a lounge area, and a truly picturesque interior.

You can stay in this hostel for as little as $55 per night.

Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth, Israel.

For an authentic Israeli experience, check out Fauzi Azar Inn.

It's a quaint, and charming dorm-style hostel, with loads of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

You can stay here for only $26.50 per night.

Central Backpackers Hostel in Cat ba, Vietnam.

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This is the perfect destination if you're really trying to travel economically, because you can stay here for as little as $5 a night.

Central Backpackers is a tropical, affordable getaway in one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam.

Bambuda Lodge in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

The Bambuda Lodge is the only hostel in Bocas del Toro located along the water, and still only five minutes away from town. Enjoy exploring the beach, jungle, or on-site bar.

You can stay here for as little as $20 per night.

The Drop Bear Hostel in Santa Marta, Colombia.

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This cozy little spot is one for the books. It's a colorfully decorated Colombian mansion, that features a game room, a bar that offers happy hour twice daily, a pool, and an in-house motorcycle rental spot. What more could you ask for?

You can stay here for as little as $15 per night.

The Farm Hostel in Bali, Indonesia.

It may be called "The Farm Hostel", and it may embrace the outdoorsy-vibe, but it's the furthest thing from being a farm.

This hostel is beautifully decorated, very affordable, and only three years old. You can stay here for just $16 per night.

99 Surf Lodge in Tola, Nicaragua.

If you want to take up surfing, or just like to be on the beach, 99 Surf Lodge is the place to be.

This beachside hostel has four infinity pools, a lounge bar, dozens of excursion options, and will only cost you $25 a night.

Red Boat Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Red Boat Hostel in Stockholm is especially unique because it's entirely inside a giant, red boat.

So, if you're tired of bunking in-land, try this out for a change, for as little as $35 per night.

Cascada Verde in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Instagram | @overyoused

For an authentic, Costa Rican jungle experience, where you can live alongside sloths and monkeys, check out Cascada Verde. It's located within walking distance of a waterfall and natural pool, and a marine park.

You can stay here for just $23 per night.

St Briavels Castle in Gloucestershire, UK.

If you've always wanted to stay in a 12th century royal castle, now you can, and it's way more affordable than you'd expect.

For an authentic medieval learning experience with lodging, you can stay at the St Briavels Castle.

Abbey Court in Dublin, Ireland.

With a bold, neon-lit, colorful, eye-catching exterior, this spot is really hard to pass up.

Abbey Court is a modern, centrally located hostel in Dublin, neighboring an Irish pub for extra convenience.

You can stay here for as little as $17 per night.

Rodamón in Marrakech, Morocco.

Visiting Morocco is high-up on many of our bucket lists, and this hostel, more specifically, should be too!

There's a pool, incredible views, modern Moroccan cuisine options, and free wifi. Best of all, you can stay here for just $16.50 per night.

The Backpack in Cape Town, South Africa.

The most expensive thing about South Africa, is getting there. But at least you can be rest assured that your accommodations can stay well-within budget, without compromising quality.

The Backpack is an award-winning hostel, with free wifi, a pool, some of the most beautiful views, and you can stay here for as little as $25 per night.

HI in Los Angeles, California.

Channel your inner Entourage and head to L.A.

Traveling to California can definitely get a bit pricey, so finding affordable lodging is key.

HI is located right on the Santa Monica Pier, and is just blocks away from L.A's trendy West side.

You can stay here for as little as $45 per night.

Mola Hostel in Madrid, Spain.

Spain is an absolute must, and so is Mola Hostel in Madrid.

This stylish hostel is dedicated to helping you get the most out of exploring the city, they offer free breakfast, free wifi, and it's only minutes away from Plaza Mayor, Puerta Del Sol, and Palacio Real.

You can stay here for as little as $26 per night.

The Madpackers Hostel in New Delhi, India.

If you've recently watched Eat, Pray, Love and are suddenly inspired to take a trip to India, The Madpackers Hostel will give you the adventure fix you're itching for.

You can stay here for just $10 a night.

Whole Wide World Hostel & Bar in Zagreb, Croatia.

This cozy Croatian inn is owned and operated by fellow backpackers, to help you feel right at home. They offer group bar and pub crawls, free wifi, and laundry service.

You can bunk here for as little as $12 per night.

Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sweden seems to have a knack for setting up obscure lodging inside of large vehicles!

So, if you plan on heading to Sweden and big red boats aren't your thing, try a jumbo airplane instead.

You can stay here for $50 per night.

Caveland in Santorini, Greece.

Even though Caveland is a hostel, it's still luxurious. Imagine that.

This hostel is a complex of caves, homes, terraces, and gardens that grow lemons, pomegranates, oranges, pears, vanilla and pistachio trees.

You can stay here for just $28 per night.

The Circle in Da Lat, Vietnam.

The Circle is a magical hillside hostel, with colorful rooms that are actually in the shape of circles.

You can stay here for as little as $16 per night.