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You Can Now Own Your Own 'Harry Potter' Themed Combat Boots

One company is selling the ultimate apparel for any diehard Harry Potter fan.

The Boots

A company called Ineffable has created Harry Potter themed combat boots for each of the four houses from the franchise.

Each pair has the proper house crest on the side, Harry Potter's glasses on the tongue, and four words to represent each respective house written on the side.


The Gryffindor boots are burgundy with the words Bravery, Daring, Chivalry, and Courage on the side.


The Ravenclaw boots are blue with the words Intelligence, Wisdom, Creativity, and Originality down the side.


The Slytherin boots are green with the words Cunning, Ambitious, Determined, and Leadership down the side.


The Hufflepuff boots are yellow and have the words Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty, and Friendship down the side.

Another Option

The pairs are only available in women's sizes and are currently selling for $71.19. But wait, there's more! They also come in an option that has a faux fur lining. These, to me, seem much cooler, but I'm a man so what do I know about women's boots?