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Mandy Moore Admits She Fell in Love With Shane West During 'A Walk to Remember'

Guys, we love Mandy Moore. Her iconic return to the spotlight via This Is Us has changed my life and I'll never be the same.

So, when Mandy revealed a secret, gorgeous fun fact about her behind the scenes love on the set of A Walk To Remember in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, fans were gagging.

To mark the 15th year anniversary of the iconic Nicholas Sparks novel turned CULT CLASSIC movie, Mandy and Shane sat down and spilled the true tea.

Youtube | A Walk To Remember Trailer

We love a behind the scenes moment!

If you've seen the movie (which, absolutely you should have seen it like.... what are you doing with your life??) you know the couple's on-screen chemistry was HAWT.

And by hawt, I mean very emotional and beautiful, obvs.

And guess what, you guys? That chemistry was hella REAL and love was in the air.

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At least for Mandy it was!!!!

Let's also remember Mandy was only 16 when they filmed this movie!

"Shane was so wonderful," she told Entertainment Weekly "I didn't know what I was doing. He had a lot of respect as an actor and I was just the total newbie. I didn't even know how to hit a mark, I was so fresh-faced and naïve. I felt incredibly lucky right off the bat that I had someone who was as willing to work with me and who was patient and understanding. He was just the perfect partner for that."


Oh because this movie always makes me cry, and finding out that Mandy was crushing on Shane makes it all the more emotional.

But wait, there's more!!!!

"Shane was so cool. Everything about him – the way he dressed, the little cigarettes that he smoked, and the music he listened to. He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him" she gushed.

Shane, being super cool and respectful and PROFESSIONAL had equally kind things to say.

"It was kind of perfect the way we came into the project because she was coming from this pop background at that time — she had her song “Candy”, and a role in the Princess Diaries — and for me I was into punk rock and so it was like completely opposites attract, or opposites are forced together to work. It was great for the role because that’s how the characters are put together in the movie" he told Entertainment Weekly.

So BRB as I go watch this movie for the 900th time and cry my eyes out even more.

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You're my ooooonnnnllllyyyyyyyyyy hope.