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Jell-O Releases Edible Slime, The Toy That Kids Can Finally Put In Their Mouths

Growing up, it wasn't hard to tell why anything vaguely food-shaped that Play-Doh advertised came with a "fun to play with, not to eat" warning. And it wasn't just because we figured other kids had tried to eat some of it. Let's face it, some of us lowkey wanted to try it too.

Although that stuff was non-toxic, that it still didn't mean it tasted any good when the more adventurous kids took the plunge anyway.

Well, somebody at Jell-O apparently wanted to make up for that disappointment because they've just released some edible slime.

At the moment, the slime is available in two flavors.


For the kids whose imaginations take them to a majestic wonderland (or who just prefer the taste of strawberries), there's this unicorn slime.

But the ones who always wondered what Nickelodeon Gak tasted like don't need to be left in the dust either.

For those who appreciate the spookier things in life, here's some monster slime.


Again, it really comes down to whether the kid is more into strawberry or lime flavor. After all, it's not like one of these is any more monstrous or majestic than the other once they're out of the can.

Not only is this stuff fun, but it's pretty easy to make too.

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According to USA Today, all you have to do once you grab a can of it is add water to about seven ounces of the goop to make a slimy batch.

And once it's made, it doesn't matter whether kids want to twist it into fun shapes or just chow down on it.

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Well, it might matter a little. Each 14.8 ounce can of the stuff retails for about $10 and each can holds two batches. It's not hard to see why parents would want to get their money's worth.

But of course, a lot of savvy parents will have one more question about this stuff.

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Namely, how do you clean it off once kids make their inevitable mess with it? Apparently, all you need is some soap and water and the floor will be un-gunkified in no time.