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Ariel Winter Shuts Down Trolls Who Said She Used Hard Drugs To Lose Weight

When it comes to the Instagram comment section, it can feel like the wild, wild west. Someone who has become more than familiar with greedy lil' Internet trolls is 20 year old actress and star of Modern Family, Ariel Winter.

Ariel is truly just out here minding her own business but some people just can't help themselves, can they?

Can't a gurl just live?

To commemorate the New Year, Ariel posted two super cute pics of her and her mans celebrating from the night before.

Ya know, as many young millennial ladies do.

The second pic shows Ariel holding a champagne flute while giving the camera some serious side kiss action.

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Super cute, right?

Obviously, because we can't have nice things, Ariel was immediately attacked for holding a glass of champagne.

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For the sake of argument, I must point out two things here:

  1. Ariel wasn't photographed drinking the champagne, just holding the flute (at 20 she is still a year away from the legal drinking age in the US) but also 2) her boyfriend Levi Meaden is Canadian and considering Ariel had her first white Christmas, she might be in Canada, where the legal drinking age is 19.

However, things got real out of hand in her comment section real quickly.

User and total loser @peter_b91 decided to speculate Ariel was using hard drugs to loose weight.

Fans have commented that Ariel looks thinner in her recent Instagram photos, and have speculated the reasoning behind it.

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The fact that people think they can comment on people's weight in 2019 is shocking but kk.

Instagram user @coque714 got a response from Ariel, and thank gawd, cause a mans needed to get shut down.

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We love a sass queen! We love shutting down random assumptions and douchey guys that think they can comment on a woman's body!

All I have to say is you go girl!

Instagram | @arielwinter

Ariel is out here inspiring everyone to not listen to rando haters, and to keep doing you, boo!