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Woman's Before And After Shots Show The Difference Cutting Alcohol Can Make

No matter how much we might enjoy something, it can end up losing a lot of its magic if we do it too much. For instance, I once made the rookie mistake of trying to tackle a large deep dish pizza in Chicago on my own and by the time I finally gave up, it went from being delicious to disgusting.

Swedish Instagram star @jellydevote seemed to develop a similar attitude to alcohol when her younger, hard-partying days ended. And she noticed a lot of changes in herself after she put those days to rest.

Jelly Devote summed up much of her post-alcohol journey with this Instagram post.

While the change to her body is clear, she also wanted to express how much healthier and happier she feels as a result of drinking less often.

Unlike with a lot of body transformations, however, she doesn't entirely know how much weight she lost because to her, a number on a scale isn't the point.

However, this isn't to say that she absolutely never drinks nowadays.

According to The Daily Mail, she went from waking up with hangovers three days a week to drinking a glass or two of wine per week.

However, it wouldn't be entirely honest to say that her transformation only came from cutting down on alcohol.

Like with most realistic weight loss plans, changing her diet and exercise regimen had a lot to do with it.

Instagram | @jellydevote

In addition to alcohol, she apparently used to consume a lot of soda and processed foods and has since swapped them out for planned, balanced meals high in protein with a lot of vegetables.

And when she started getting serious about her journey, you could often find her in the gym.

One of her before and after posts had the caption "What 8 years and about 1,000,000 gym-sessions can do to a girl," which is likely what it felt like even if that's only a ballpark estimate.

The now-27-year-old model was inspired to start her journey at 21 when she saw a picture of herself in a bikini that she didn't like.

Instagram | @jellydevote

Ever since, she's compared her current lifestyle to the one she lived back when she was 20. And she's also been honest about the setbacks she still goes through on her journey in her Instagram posts.

But as she's said, her goal has been more about mental well-being and feeling healthy on the inside than pure physical fitness.

Instagram | @jellydevote

It's likely for that reason that a lot of her more recent posts feature her traveling with her husband and allowing herself to indulge in the occasional drink or snack.

As she's said, "Off days are just as important as the 'on' days , both mentally and physically." Still, she hasn't forgotten the "on" days and often finds time to workout in the hotels she stays in.

h/t: The Daily Mail