The Buttress Pillow

Company Is Making A Bootylicious Pillow That's Perfect For Nappin' And Slappin'

Come one, come all — because no matter what you're into, everyone can appreciate a gorgeous, glorious gluteus maximus.

"The Buttress Pillow" is an up and coming pillow company specifically targeting those who love to fall asleep on a toned tushie. Their site boasts the product as "The World's First True Butt Pillow," which is quite the sell.

Obviously, these pillows come second to the real rumps we rest on, but boy are they a close call.

The Buttress Pillow

According to the site, these bad boys (bad buns?) are ergonomic, being described as "Soft but supportive with a feeling like butts."

The site continues to flex on butt-pillow doubters everywhere with their insanely amazing descriptions.

The Buttress Pillow

And to be honest, it sounds nice as hell.

"The 'sweet spot' between the thighs and cheeks will gently cradle your head and support the neck."

The Buttress Pillow is also categorized as "functional" on the site.

Design You Trust

Which apparently means, "Squeezable, slappable and face buriable...Legs are flexible and separate so you can dress up your Buttress with undies and PJ's."

Okay, weird flex.

These five-pound bums look nearly normal on the bed next to your regular ol' memory foam pillows.


And even better? They are "100% biodegradable, enviro-friendly and ethically made" from premium all-natural latex.

It's not just us who think these bootylicious things are an awesome idea.


There are hundreds of comments from people everywhere showing support for the product, but here are some of the best we've seen so far.

Many have tagged their baes and added their own commentary.

Facebook | Did You Know

Which, to be fair, is exactly what is expected. When discussing booty, it is only appropriate for you to share the booty at hand, with the one who shares theirs with you.

And others, well, let's just say not everyone on the web is as...wholesome as we'd like to think.

The Buttress Pillow

One person said, "Yeah, this will only be used as a pillow. Nothing else."


By the looks of it, there has never been a better time to buy a Buttress Pillow.

The Buttress Pillow

On their website, the kind folks at Buttress Pillow are offering a Holiday Butt Box Set for a reduced price. Look at that, the price has been reduced to $69. These people are good.

Let's take a closer look at their box set.

The Buttress Pillow

Their box set includes a 2nd Edition Buttress Pillow, a yoga-short cover for that realism, two mini-butt keychains, two official Buttress Pillow stickers, a discount code, and a Buttress Pillow care & use postcard.

The powerful punch this box set provides is almost too much to take. Sign me up.

To be honest, I'm almost more pumped for the little butt keychain than the pillow itself.

I mean, look at it. It's adorable.

YouTube | The Unboxing

Yeah, you'll get a few looks on the train, but who doesn't love a little butt like this?

Butts are universal, and The Buttress Pillow is no exception.

Facebook | The Buttress Pillow

This picture posted to The Buttress Pillow Facebook page shows that these booty pillows can provide comfort and peace to animals as well. Aren't we all animals, though?

Overall, though, the sentiment is positive for "The Buttress Pillow" and we are all here for what it brings to the world.

Everything is better with a lil' booty. Right?!

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