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McDonald's Employees Call Police After Customer Tries To Trade Weed For Food

When we have a little too much fun, we can put ourselves in the middle of some embarrassing situations. I've been lucky enough not to have anyone tag me in photos after my wild nights out, but it only takes a few incidents of hard partying to make us chuckle knowingly when someone else's lapses in judgement reach our ears.

And although it doesn't take a genius to figure out what made one Florida man think that his proposal was a good idea, it also doesn't take a genius to see why it wasn't. At all.

In Port St. Lucie, Florida, one McDonald's worker was presented with a strange request.

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Their customer had made an apparently normal order, but as NBC reported, he tried to pay with a bag of marijuana when he pulled up to the window.

To the surprise of nobody but him, it didn't work out and the worker refused.

The would-be customer drove off and McDonald's staff called the police. According to a Facebook post from the Port St. Lucie Police, they took a description of the man and his vehicle and stayed in the area for a while.

That seems like a long shot, though. It wasn't like he was coming back, right?

Well, not only did he come back soon after, but he pulled into the drive-thru again like nothing had happened.

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Except that this time, he presumably didn't get to make his special offer again before police approached him.

Sure enough, they noticed a strong marijuana odor coming from his car.

So what did this guy have to say for himself?

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According to police, he admitted to trying to trade weed for his order, but only did so as a joke.

As if that suddenly makes the 11 grams they found on him not illegal. If the cops were laughing, it wasn't for the reason he intended.

It's probably not too hard to predict what happened next.

Facebook | Port St. Lucie Police Department

The 23-year-old suspect was arrested for possession of Marijuana under 20 grams and for driving under the influence. He was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for booking.

That's a hard way to learn that fast food restaurants don't work under the barter system.

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