10+ Hilarious Pics With Santa That Totally Went Off Script

devin.duke 11 Dec 2018

It's that time of year parents take their children to the mall to get the famous Santa picture. It's a rite of passage for all small kids really.

As you pull up to the mall with your child, you imagine them sitting on St. Nick's lap with a big radiant smile worthy of framing for the family wall gallery. Let's be real, though, these pictures almost never go as planned.

Exhibit 1, the runner.

Reddit | TJAK82

"Waited an hour for our 2 year-old son to take pictures with Santa - this was the best we could get," wrote Reddit user TJAK82.

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Santa seems to be having a good enough time in this picture, but that little man is ready to jump right off the chair and go home.

Facebook | Ryan Steinman

Something tells me this is the fifth time this has happened to Santa that day.

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"My nephew whacked Santa right in the nuts," wrote Reddit user Pleather_Boots.

Reddit | Pleather_Boots

At first I thought this Santa's face of agony was fake, but now I'm realizing from Pleather_Boots quote that it is far from it.

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Sometimes people bring their fur babies to take a pic with jolly old St. Nick.

Reddit | livid_vizard

Hey, this pup may be shook to the core, but he's being a good boy and staying put for the shot.

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I have to say this is the highest quality fail photo I have ever seen.

Reddit | TheOnlyToast

"This year is my daughter’s first Christmas, so we thought it would be nice to do a photo shoot. At least Santa is having fun. Happy holidays," wrote TheOnlyToast.

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Sure, some people bring their pets, but a tortoise?

Reddit | MichaelDerp

"My dad was Santa at our local Petsmart, was not expecting this," wrote MichaelDerp.

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I have to admit, this is by far my favorite Santa shot.

Reddit | FlyingCrunkman

FlyingCrunkman wrote "My dad is the Macy's Santa in Seattle. Today he got to meet a legend!"

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"Every year I get a picture with Santa..." wrote xfocalinx.

Reddit | xfocalinx

I want to see the original Santa shot this one is modeled after from xfocalinx.

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Hey, it doesn't say anywhere that only children get to take their picture with Santa.

Reddit | bananabobana

Mrs. Claus isn't too happy with these women snuggling up to Santa. Can you blame him? He's stuck up at the North Pole all year!

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How cute is this photo?

Reddit | CristiniLamborghini

Hey, at least baby isn't crying! Looks like both of them could use this nap.

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IbisVox wrote, "Got a pic with santa... He said I was too big... We compromised..."

Reddit | IbisVox

So does IbisVox ask Santa what he wants for Christmas?

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Sure, a lot of the time the picture goes wrong, but every once in a while you can capture the cutest moments.

Reddit | sincethenes

"Caught just the right moment of my daughter and a mall Santa," wrote Reddit user sincethenes.

Leave the best picture you have in our comment section! We want to see your funny Santa pics!

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