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Dad Cuts Off Teenage Daughter's Birthday Highlights And Sparks Outrage

No matter how a marriage ends, it will likely be difficult for any children involved to adjust. That adjustment can get more complicated when step-parents are added to the mix, but just the difference in parenting styles can make the post-divorce road a difficult one to navigate.

Unfortunately, when this road gets rough, a child can get caught in the middle of a dispute in ways that nobody expected. Sadly, this was what happened to one Ohio teen.

Our story begins with Christin Johnson celebrating her daughter, Kelsey's birthday.

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Kelsey was reaching a new step on her path to adulthood and the decision was made to mark that milestone with some highlights in her hair. Seems simple enough, right?

At first, it was. Her long, brown hair turned out a little lighter than before and she seemed happy enough with the results.

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After this picture was taken, Kelsey was set to visit her dad and step-mom for a couple of days.

However, Christin saw a major change in Kelsey when she returned to her two days later.

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Her hair was significantly shorter and her highlights were all but gone. Based on Christin's Facebook post about this, Kelsey's father seriously disagreed with her birthday present and took matters into his own hands.

Sadly, that wasn't the only change that was clear when Kelsey returned.

Facebook | Christin Johnson

It was clear from these post-haircut photos that Kelsey felt humiliated by what had just happened to her.

In fact, her humiliation was so clear that, according to CBS WTOL11, the fire department that employs her father and step-mother placed them on suspension while they investigate whether the pair intentionally embarrassed her with this punishment.

While that investigation went on, Christin searched for a way to make Kelsey feel comfortable again.

Facebook | Christin Johnson

The answer apparently came from Kelsey's Godmother, Hayley, who took the teen to Lady Jane's hair salon in Toledo, where Kelsey was fitted for a wig.

Fortunately, that pick-me-up seems to have done the trick, at least for now.

Facebook | Christin Johnson

Christin said on Facebook that the trip gave Kelsey her smile back and made her feel more like herself.

After all, the hair will certainly grow back, but that doesn't mean she should have to look at a style she doesn't like and had no control over while it does.