Wife Has Emotional Reply To Husband Who Took $800 From Vacation Fund Without Asking

One of the main sources of arguments for married couples is money. When you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, does that also mean your money should be completely united?

The following story that recently surfaced on Imgur, shows that sometimes there are things more important than the money itself.

A series of text messages between a husband and wife made waves on Imgur because of the surprisingly emotional message it conveys.

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That's definitely an interesting lead in to the story from the husband.

Yeah, whenever someone starts off confessing something while laying on a compliment, it appears super suspicious.

I have to say, "Oh boy," is right.

The husband went on to describe how one of his students didn't ever have proper winter gear.

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After asking him to stay after class to talk, he found out that the student was living with his grandfather, who lives off of a small pension.

This is where things take a heartwarming turn.

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The husband is texting from the boy's place and plans on taking them shopping and to get groceries.

At this point, it's clear the husband doesn't have anything treacherous to reveal to his wife.

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The man is taking steps to help someone in need.

The husband didn't just get the boy and his grandpa a few little things, he spent $800 from the couple's trip budget.

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All the man could do is lay it all out there, and wow did his wife deliver with something special.

Just take a look at her response.

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His wife couldn't be more proud of her husband. Not only did she support him, she wanted to see if they could join her and her husband for Christmas!

Sometimes helping someone in need is more important than money itself.

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It's touching to see that both the husband and the wife were immediately on the same page about what should be done.

Would you have reacted the same way as her if your husband shared that news with you?

h/t: Imgur | shbmrangera