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15+ Lifehacks Every Girl Should Take Note Of

Who run the world? Girls!

Being a flawless, confident #GIRLBOSS is no easy feat.

We work, we socialize, we binge Netflix, and we do it all while looking amazing and feeling in charge.

These lifehacks are for the busy woman who could use a helping hand here and there. Girl, you deserve a break, so take note of these helpful tips.

Your emery board actually contains multiple boards.

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Am I the only one who didn't know about this?

Your emery board contains several layers. When it starts getting old and dull, you can peel off that layer and reveal a fresh emery board underneath. Neat, right?

Now you can shape your mani without any worries.

Of course, this does mean that I've been throwing out perfectly good emery boards for years.

Sigh. Oh well.

Be sure to pass this hack on to any friends who might not know. It could save them some money in the long-run.

Use satin pillowcases.

Cotton pillowcases actually draw moisture from your hair and can make it dry and prone to static build-up.

By switching to a satin pillowcase, your hair will stay sleek and smooth longer.

If you want to hit snooze in the morning, a satin pillowcase will also minimize the look of "bed-head", so you can sleep in and cut down on your styling time.

I will take any extra sleep that I can get these days. Satin pillowcases for the win.

The ultimate brow guide

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Gone are the days of caterpillar-brows or brows that look like a patchy, under-watered lawn.

Thanks to this hack, we're going to get those full, sculpted brows dominating Instagram right now.

Begin by drawing a line under your brows, and then do a slightly shorter one above your brows. Grab your brow brush and begin blending up from the bottom line and down from the top line.

If you need a little extra coverage, lightly use your brow pencil to fill in any spots. Use a light touch and short strokes to mimic your natural brow hairs.

No curling iron? No problem.

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If you've forgotten your curling iron, or just want to try this fun hack, grab a pack of straws from the dollar store.

Bend the straw in half and begin weaving your hair through the two poles you've created in a zig-zag pattern. Secure your hair and the straws with an elastic. Continue doing this until all your strands are wrapped up in straws.

Sleep in this 'do overnight and when you take out the straws in the morning, you'll have perfect curls. Plus, you don't have to worry about heat damage.

Do a base coat of white polish.

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Adding a base coat is an essential step of any manicure. If you really want to make your mani pop, try doing a base coat with white polish instead of a clear one the next time you're painting your nails.

The white polish will give you a blank canvas that will really bring out the color of your nail polish. Getting a bright mani has never been easier.

Finish off your new nails with a clear top coat to protect against chips and damage.

Here's how to ease period cramps.

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I'm sure you've heard all the usual period cramp tips before: use a hot water bottle, go for a walk, and drink water. These are all effective tips, but try this one the next time Aunt Flo comes for a visit.

Place a heated blanket on your bed and lie on it face-down. it's kind of like a hot water bottle, but you can relax and not worry about holding it in place.

For extra comfort, invest in a dog to cuddle up with, too.

If you're a bride-to-be, take note.


If you've settled on the dress of your dreams, keep this hack in mind for your big day.

We're all familiar with the scene of a bride attempting to use the ladies' room while an army of bridesmaids hold up her dress. Yeah, it's not pretty.

Instead, try cutting out the bottom of an Ikea shopping bag. It works perfectly to hold up your puffy skirt so you can have a little privacy.

This hack works for prom dresses, too!

Michael's is the new Sephora.

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Makeup brushes are expensive, and while I would love an unlimited shopping spree at Sephora it is not in my budget right now.

If your wallet is also a little lighter than you would like, but you need a new makeup brush, check out the paintbrushes at Michael's.

They have a large selection including fan brushes, and in most cases, they are made out of the same materials as a makeup brush but for way less money.

BRB, I'm heading to Michael's!

An easy way to store your makeup brushes

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Most women I know have an extensive collection of makeup brushes. We can't help it! You need one for your lips, cheeks, eyes, contouring... it can be a lot.

To keep your brushes organized and minimize the clutter, simply wrap a hair elastic around your towel rack and pop in your brushes.

This also minimizes the chances of them coming in contact with any germs on your counter, and is also a great way to dry them out after cleaning.

The ultimate bra storage hack

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My lingerie drawer is a mess. The main reason for this is because drawers weren't really designed to hold bras. I find I always have to squish them in, and over time this can damage them.

From now on, buy a tie rack and use it to hang up your bras.

This is also a great solution when you need to dry your bras after a wash. Just hang them up to air-dry. Your bras will thank you.

Wear bikini bottoms when you're on your period.

Sorry if this hack is TMI, but it is honestly a lifesaver.

Try wearing bikini bottoms when you're on your period because they are way easier to clean than regular underwear. You can stock up on them at the end of summer for cheap.

If you're not feeling this suggestion, an alternative is to buy cheap packs of underwear in dark colors. Again, they don't stain as easily and if you decide to toss them out altogether, it won't be a huge investment lost.

Preserve your eye makeup in the shower.


Have you ever needed to wash your hair but didn't want to mess up your eye makeup in the process? If you know dry shampoo isn't going to cut it, try this tip instead.

This hack is actually genius.

Before you hop in the shower, grab a pair of swimming goggles. The goggles will protect your eye makeup from any water so you can wash your hair without any worries.

You spent at least 20 minutes perfecting that smoky eye, the least you could do is preserve it.

Emergency bra repair

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Every woman knows the feeling of your heartbreaking when you realize the underwire from your fave bra is poking through the fabric.

Usually, this means it's time to toss that bra, but now you can actually fix it.

Thread the underwire back into the bra, then cut a small piece of moleskin and simply stick it over the tear.

Ta-da! Your bra is as good as new.

Thanks to this hack you can extend the life of your favorite bra a little longer.

Add a grip to your heels.

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A good pair of heels is essential to every woman's wardrobe and will take any outfit to the next level.

However, when we break out our heels, sliding and slipping around is not ideal. We're going for a runway-model-vibe and not a Bambi-on-ice-vibe.

To prevent any slips or even falls, grab a hot glue gun.

Squeeze some glue onto the bottom of your heels to add texture. When the glue is dry, you should have a DIY grip that will eliminate any slips.

The fastest way to dry your makeup brushes.

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Washing makeup brushes is one of those chores we all dread.

I know it's essential and eliminates bacteria, but even with that knowledge, I still hate doing it.

This hack will make washing and drying your makeup brushes suck a little less.

If you have a little one or know someone who does, grab a clean disposable diaper.

Wrap your wet makeup brushes in the diaper with the brushes pointing down. They'll dry much faster and you can get back to looking flawless.

The best way to remove glitter polish

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Glitter polish is so pretty, but it is also so difficult to remove.

If you've struggled in the past with getting rid of it, this hack should do the trick. Never be defeated by glitter polish again!

Soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and place them over your nail with a little pressure.

Wrap the tips of your fingers with the cotton ball in tin foil and wait about five minutes. The glitter should be gone.

The tin foil helps keep the pressure on the cotton balls during the process and creates a little heat which is why this is so effective.