12+ Pics Made To Please

Karli Steen 19 Nov 2018

There are many satisfying things in life. A few of my personal favorites include getting right into pajamas after a hard day at work, and the feeling you get when you realize you have leftovers in the fridge.

For those who can't get to their moment right away, here are some pictures that are sure to please.

I've never been a fan of snow, but I appreciate those who can have fun with it.

Reddit | drew2625

I wouldn't have the patience or the skill to do this. Personally, I would just use a snowblower to blast any snow away.

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In all my years of enjoying pudding cups, I have never been able to achieve this.

Reddit | missblondemeow

If not for this picture as proof, I would've said that such a thing is impossible. This person must know something I don't.

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Why can't anything in my life break as perfectly as this? You could even fix it.

Reddit | Noisylyrebird

Whenever I break anything, it comes out looking worse than Humpty Dumpty. There is absolutely no hope of putting things back together. I need this luck.

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When I was younger, I used to think that grocery stores magically refilled themselves. Don't ask me why.

Reddit | Gawd_is_great

My younger self would've seen this picture as confirmation. However, she would still have trouble being persuaded to eat any fruit.

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If I could blend into a beach this well, I would probably never leave.

Reddit | UserPassnameword21

It's always good to be one with nature. What better place to do this than a beach?

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I don't know who did this. All I know is that I really want one.

Reddit | mALLIC2k6

I'm going to hazard a guess that they don't sell these at IKEA. They really should.

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I'm not sure how this crisp rainbow happened, but I'm here for it.

Reddit | kabadisha

Is this what happens in the brief moments you have a spotless house? Kids and animals ruin everything.

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I find this perfectly cut lawn more captivating than any sports event.

Reddit | tmanner1938

Seriously, I would look at this all day over catching a round of golf. I bet it smells nice, too.

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That's the fluffiest guitar I've ever seen. I bet the sound is heavenly.

Reddit | 100kUpvotesOrBust

When I look at the clouds, my mind automatically ties them to food. Not this time.

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I've never seen a cactus up close before. Who knew that something so prickly could be so pretty?

Reddit | AmberJay1995

Knowing me, I would accidentally touch it and get injured somehow.

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Now that's some expert level blending in. I don't think Bob Ross could do any better.

Reddit | kunabku

I'd be afraid to move and step on this adorable fluff. I want that skill.

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This looks like something out of a Disney movie. I'd love to teleport here.

Reddit | Deef204

I'm also reminded of the garden in the movie Coraline, but there's no way this one is that creepy.

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People need to get more creative with what they put on their rice.

Reddit | HrisnyAndilek

On a more depressing note, rice has better luck at finding a match than I do.

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Believe it or not, this is cake, and it looks too good to eat.

Reddit | kseniapenkina

This is where the idea of having your cake and eating it too would come in handy.

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I'm not sure whether this is coffee or beer, but I want to try it.

Reddit | LambeauLeapt

It looks like it has more layers than myself and an ogre combined.

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I bet that's as close as anyone has come to holding the sun.

Reddit | RomseBoms

Somebody needs to teach me that kind of time management and photography skill. It's definitely worthy of Instagram.

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