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15+ Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Will Win All The Awards

The Elf on the Shelf is one of those holiday traditions you either love or hate. I happen to be one of the ones who love it, and my favorite part is seeing everyone post all their photos during December.

If you're looking for a few ideas for your Elf on the Shelf this Christmas, check out these funny and cute photos. I guarantee you'll win all the awards for creativity this year.

Bingeing on holiday treats

Imgur | Elainemarley1

Oh, we've all been there, elf. For me, it's usually eating cookies straight out of the box over the sink so I can wash away the crumbs. It's all about eliminating the evidence.

Elf spa

Imgur | Elainemarley1

Every elf on the shelf knows the importance of self-care. Doesn't this elf look so relaxed? He's always so busy helping Santa out, so I guess he deserves a break now and then.

Elves and Abominable Snowmen do not mix.

Imgur | EyeofPolyphemus

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Keep your elves away from the Abominable Snowman or else you'll wake up to a scene like this.

It's okay, kids, they're just pretending!

Elves need a balanced diet

Imgur | MermaidMegan

If the holiday classic, Elf, taught us anything, it's that elves need a healthy serving of maple syrup every day. Be sure to keep your elf well-fed. He needs his energy!

Special delivery

Imgur | AmandaLutz

Here's an idea to ensure that your elf has a grand entrance this holiday season. Of course, he's eating cookies once again. Man, elves really love their treats.

The ultimate showdown

Reddit | derekd18

Anyone else remember this iconic scene from The Karate Kid? Apparently, this elf decided it was time to recreate it with Ken.

Maybe next year the elf will come with karate-chop action.

Riding the sharknado

Reddit | Blindpete

If anyone can tame a sharknado, it's definitely the Elf on the Shelf. I mean, nothing can stop them from doing their jobs.

Hmmm... Do I sense a holiday-themed Sharknado in the works? It would be the next Christmas classic.

Disco elf

Reddit | derekd18

Even elves like to get down and boogie.

Of course, with Christmas being so close, it's easy to get into the swing of things. I call it, "Christmas Eve Fever."

Lego elf replica

Reddit | Eccohawk

It's not that elves are narcissists, but they can't help but experiment with the self-portrait medium.

In this case, it is a statue made out of Lego. Oh, those mischevious elves.

Soaking up those rays

Reddit | osumike07

For the majority of the year, elves are stuck up at the north pole, which doesn't exactly have summer temperatures. Don't be surprised if you wake up one morning to your elf working on their tan.

"I'm flying, Jack!"

Reddit | derekd18

This photo proves that everyone loves the movie Titanic. Are you surprised? Elves have a lot of downtime between one Christmas and the next, so I assume they watch a lot of movies.

Yuck, that looks slimy.

Reddit | derekd18

Apparently, no one is safe from Slimer's goo. Don't worry, little fellow, we'll get you all cleaned up and then give the Ghostbusters a call. I assume they work the holiday season, right?

A grand finale

Reddit | derekd18

Who would have guessed that the Elf on the Shelf had lifelong dreams to become a Radio City Rockette? Now this is one routine I would love to see.

Sprinkle angel

Instagram | @cindys_custom_cakes

We've been over how much elves love sugar, so does this photo really surprise you?

Imagine you were an elf with unlimited access to treats and baking supplies. I would do the exact same thing.

Who's going to clean this mess up?

Instagram | christmaself_2018

Once your elf starts recruiting other toys into their shenanigans, anything could happen.

It's best to schedule a bit of extra time in the morning to clean up any elf-related messes.

Anyone else getting "Mission Impossible" vibes?

Reddit | Beerrunner76

I would have never guessed that elves could perform such risky stunts. Anything in the name of Christmas, I suppose. This elf has become the next action movie star.

"A Game of Thrones" Christmas

Reddit | derekd18

Yes, even elves have jumped on board the Game of Thrones bandwagon.

To be fair, though, if I had a chance to ride a dragon I would definitely do it. They're no reindeer, that's for sure.

Even elves need technical backup.

Instagram | @believe_box

This elf came with its own Santa Cam. Parents, you can DIY your own with any bauble and hang it on the tree for some extra "surveillance."

We want every kid to be on the nice list this year, don't we?

My elf sense is tingling.

Instagram | @elvisandfiggy

Even elves are huge fans of Spider-Man. I guess that means it's time to swing into the Christmas season. Weeeeee! Just don't get tangled.

Bow climbing

Instagram | shebesorted

I swear, these elves are getting more adventurous by the minute. Parents, I hope you're ready to deal with a whole month of these little guys climbing all over your home.

Don't get on Elsa's bad side.

Imgur | AgentKGB

Oooo, that looks a little chilly in there. I suppose this is why no one, not even an elf, should cross Elsa.

Don't worry, elf. We'll get you out of there in no time!

Time to get revenge

Instagram | @cocothechristmaself

Here is the moment Elsa learned that two could play at her game. Alright, guys. I hope you had fun. It's time to be on your best behavior for the rest of the holidays.

You're an elf, Harry.

Instagram | @madebymeggs

Accio Christmas spirit! This is the elf on the shelf costume I didn't even realize I needed in my life.

Well, I know what I'm doing for my first elf on the shelf photo this year.

Finally, for the parents who feel overwhelmed by this list.

Instagram | @bubbachewsiliconejewellery

If these creative ideas all seem a bit much, I get it. The holidays are hectic enough. Just type out one of these notes. I'm sure the kids will understand.

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