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10+ DIYs To Make When You Have An Hour To Spare

Remember the days when you could get things in 60 minutes or less? Sadly, those days are long gone. I'm lucky if I can order a pizza and get it in an hour, and when I'm hangry, I do not like to be kept waiting.

These DIYs are guaranteed to only take an hour to make, and many of them take even less time than that. If you've got an hour to spare, you can create one of these!

Floral Hangers

The Crafted Life

Give your hangers their moment in the spotlight with this quick and easy DIY. To create the floral accents, you'll actually use temporary tattoos.

Yes, those same ones you used as a kid.

Grab a wooden hanger, but make sure it doesn't have a finish.

The Crafted Life

The Crafted Life then inked her hangers with the tattoos. To seal in the design, use a coat of Mod Podge.

Fabric tassel coasters

Love Maegan

This DIY is so quick that you could start making them at five o'clock and have them ready for when your dinner party guests arrive at six.

Use pinking shears to cut fabric squares, then add a tassel border.

Love Maegan

Love Maegan created this lovely project. You can use a sewing machine to attach the tassel border or hand-stitch them on.

Either way, this project will only take you an hour to make a bunch.

Polka-dot potato art

Oh Happy Day

Remember when you made stamps out of raw potatoes as a kid? This is essentially the grown-up version of that craft.

To get started you'll need a few spuds and some paint.

Carve your potato stamp and start dotting your paper.

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day created this fun project.

Remember, the size of your paper and how many prints you do will affect the timing on this project, so plan accordingly.

DIY makeup brush roll

Dream A Little Bigger

Dream A Little Bigger made this makeup brush carrier from a placemat, if you can believe it.

That means that this project is fast and affordable. Love it!

Begin weaving an elastic ribbon through the bamboo placemat.

Dream A Little Bigger

Use your makeup brushes as a guide to help you measure the space as you weave.

When you're done, close the ends of the elastic with some hot glue and roll up your mat for easy transportation.

Watercolor monogram art

Craftaholics Anonymous

These canvas letters were purchased from a craft store, but you can use any canvas for this DIY.

Once you've picked one out, you'll need some watercolor paints, too.

Start with a pigmented watercolor at the top of your letter.

Craftaholics Anonymous

Add more water to your paint as you work your way down to create the lighter colors. There's really no right or wrong way to do this project — just add more water or paint as you need it.

Thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous for this quick DIY!

Painted table runner


Landeelu transformed this plain ol' table runner into a modern work of art with some paint and a foam brush.

Add some water to your paint for a thinner consistency that's easy to work with.

Dip your brush in the paint and wipe off any excess.


You only want enough paint on the brush for two or three dabs. Use different corners of the brush to make different shapes and textures.

Watercolor plates

Shrimp Salad Circus

This is another DIY that uses temporary tattoos to create a quick, but cool, design. Simply apply your tattoo, add some water, and peel away the backing.

I'm thinking that I'll need to get some temporary tattoos ASAP.

Shrimp Salad Circus

This project comes to us from Shrimp Salad Circus.

Remember to seal in your design with some dishwasher-safe Mod Podge.

Bracelet planters

Damask Love

Damask Love came up with a clever way to upcycle old, wooden bangles into beautiful homes for your plants.

Make a base for your bangle planter from polymer clay and attach it with hot glue.

Once your planter is constructed, have fun decorating it.

Damask Love

You can use paint, or if you're in a real rush, vinyl decals or stickers will work, too.

I'm sure your plants will love their new, stylish home.

Minimalist bottle vase

Make And Tell

This vase is actually a glass bottle that was given a fresh start with a coat of white spray paint.

You know how much I love a good upcycling project.

When the bottle is dry, use a ruler and a paint pen to add the line design.

Make And Tell

Make And Tell staggered the sizes of her lines for a modern look. I love how the finished product turned out!

The black and white design really makes the green from the plants stand out.

DIY door storage

The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls took a trip to the dollar store for this project and came up with a clever storage solution anyone can make in under an hour.

The storage bag is actually a pillowcase.

The Sorry Girls

Pick one with a fun design, since you will see it when your door is closed. Then use a wooden dowel and some rope to hang it.

This project is so fast, you'll even have time to tidy up and toss a few socks in there when you're done.

Dimensional word art

By Wilma

By Wilma took the popular word art trend to a whole new level by adding wooden letters.

To start, you'll need a canvas, some paint, and a sponge if you want to create a streaky effect.

Use your sponge to apply the paint in vertical stripes.

By Wilma

When your paint is dry, attach laser-cut letters to the canvas with wood glue.

Spell out a favorite quote and hang it up. This art really speaks to me. Ha...ha. I'll stop.

Gold foil bowls

Why Don't You Make Me

Why Don't You Make Me picked up these bowls at Target (I LOVE Target) and gave them a luxurious makeover with gold leaf.

Pick up some gold leaf and adhesive to get started.

Use a paint brush to line the inside of the bowls with gold leaf.

Why Don't You Make Me

You can use your fingers, but they might get sticky.

When the leaf is ready, brush off any excess and enjoy these gorgeous bowls.

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