13+ Times Celebs Used Snapchat To Spill Their Darkest Secrets

Thank GAWD for messy celebs. They bring us the drama firsthand through their Snapchat accounts, and honestly, we couldn't be more thankful.

It's as though we're hearing it all from the horse's mouth, and what a true blessing that is.

1. Kim Kardashian (Snapchat: KimKardashian)

YouTube | Kylizzle Snapchizzle

Obvs, we had to start with the queen herself, Kimmy K. She is truly the maven of all social media, so it only makes sense that she's a must-follow celeb on Snap.

Remember when she asked Tristan Thompson to unblock her Insta while she recorded it for her Snap hunnies? Iconic.

2. Ariana Grande (Snapchat: moonlightbae)

YouTube | Ariana Grande Snapchat Vlogs

With everything that's been going on with our girl Ari, from her very public breakup with Pete Davidson to her hilarious self-roasting comments on Instagram and Twitter, she is defs someone we wanna keep up with on Snap.

She's allowed fans into her world and her relationships through her social media, and Snapchat is no exception.

3. Chrissy Teigen (Snapchat: chrissyteigen)

YouTube | Vlogger Snapz

Obvs, we had to include our favorite foodie beauty, Chrissy Teigen.

Her Snapchat vibes give us everything we need in life — beautiful li'l babies, delicious-looking food, John Legend being husband of the year, and Chrissy being the funniest betch in Hollywood.

Quick honorable mention goes out to Cardi B, who treats her Instagram stories like a Snapchat rant 24/7.

YouTube | Celebrity Snapz

If you're out of the loop re: the Nicki vs. Cardi B feud, here's a complete guide in under 5 minutes.

Cardi also makes rly iconic cameos in everyone's Snapchats, so DON'T @ ME.

OKKKKKUR? She deleted her Snap, so what do you want from me?!

Also, Cardi can do whatever she wants, so...????

4. Bella Thorne (Snapchat: bellathornedab)

YouTube | Vlogger Snapz

We've learned a lot of facts about Bella Thorne that changed our entire perception of her.

She's someone we can't stop watching, so what better reason to add her on Snap?! Let's keep up with her, 'cause lord KNOWS it'll be entertaining, lol.

5. Paris Hilton (Snapchat: ParisHilton)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapz

Paris Hilton is still important and iconic — don't @ me. Her Snaps are filled with gorgeous behind-the-scenes moments and even more precious puppy moments.


Paris is hot. She looks like she stepped out of a time machine from 2003, and we love that for her.

6. Halsey (Snapchat: halseysnaps)

YouTube | Celebrity Snaps

Halsey has had the best 2018 out of all of us, tbh. All her bougie celebrity adventures have been captured on her Snap, so I recommend y'all link it up.

7. Kylie Jenner (Snapchat: KylizzleMyNizzl)

YouTube | Kylizzle Snapchizzle

I mean, duh, right? Since having her sweet angel baby, Stormi, Kylie has truly delivered the sweetest snaps to her fans, and I can't stop crying over how adorable her baby is.

8. Jefree Star (Snapchat: Jeffreestar)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapchat Diaries

When it comes to YouTube beauty guru drama, there is no better person to get the juice from than Jefree Star. His tea is always fresh and boiling for the fans.

9. Zendaya (Snapchat: zendaya_96)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapchat Diaries

I mean, she's everyone's celebrity crush and she's also super cute and funny, like...why HAVEN'T you added Zendaya on Snap, is the real question???

10. Millie Bobbi Brown (Snapchat: milliebbrown)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapchat Diaries

Millie Bobbi Brown is a million times classier and cooler than I will ever be, which is why we all need to take life advice from this li'l wunderkind.

11. Miley Cyrus (Snapchat: mileycyrus)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapchat Diaries

SHE'S JUST BEING SMILEY. If you miss Miley like I do, you need to follow her on Snap and see what cute, lowkey, and southern things our gurl is up to!

12. Justin Bieber (Snapchat: RickTheSizzler)

YouTube | Vlogger Snapz

Justin Bieber has been...wildin' lately, as we all know, so why not get his drama firsthand? We love an authentic celeb source.

13. Taylor Swift (Snapchat: taylorswift)

YouTube | PineAppleExpress2100

Taylor Swift has just casually been on a massive world tour, selling record-breaking numbers and making #HERstory. Oh, you didn't know?


14. Khloé Kardashian (Snapchat: khloekardashian)

YouTube | Vlogger Snapz

Imagine having a reality show and still sharing everything with the world via cute li'l Snapchat filters. Just the life of a 'Dash doll, what can I say?!

15. Lady Gaga (Snapchat: ladygaga)

YouTube | Faz

I would follow Mamma Monster into the depths of the earth if she needed me to. So a Snapchat follow? Easiest ish ever!

SORRY, just taking a moment to remember "A STAR IS BORN."

Oh, ya know, it was just the most important movie of our generation, DON'T mind me!

16. Shawn Mendes (Snapchat: shawnmendes1)

YouTube | Ruhin Kagdi

You know what you won't need after watching Shawn on Snap?! STITCHES! Cause his li'l baby face will only make you smile 5ever!

17. Loren Gray (Snapchat: lorenbeech)

YouTube | Celebrity Snaps

Oh, you don't know who this v. dramatic YouTuber is? Me neither, but apparently she's a friggin' riot, so Imma add her up real quick.

18. Bella Hadid (Snapchat: BellaHadid)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapz

Is it bad I want to add her because I might see some behind-the-scenes Bella + The Weeknd romance moments?


19. Nicki Minaj (Snapchat: nickiminaj)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapz

I mean, DUH, right? Queen Barbie never disappoints her babes — she gives us the juice to nourish our drama-deprived souls.

20. Amber Rose (Snapchat: amberrose)

YouTube | Celebrity Snapz

We love how open and raw Amber Rose gets with the people and fans that follow her social media accounts, and her Snapchats are no exception!

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