12+ Roommate Struggles That Are Too Real

Karli Steen 12 Nov 2018

I remember when I first started college. I was so excited to experience what it was like to have roommates. I thought it would be one long and comical Friends episode.

Boy, was I ever mistaken. The roommate struggle is very real.

1. I'm okay with sharing a space, but food is a whole different story.

Twitter | @sportsguymarv

I'm sorry, but I'm on team Marco. I have to really like you to share my food, and even then you should consider yourself lucky. It's mine!

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2. Sometimes, they leave you with unexpected surprises. Thankfully, I never got one like this.

Reddit | ItsMeSwiggles

As a roommate, I wouldn't even have time for the note. I would scream loudly and plead that the others take care of it.

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3. I've had my share of picky roommates, but never quite like this.

Reddit | rno2867

This makes me really thankful that my roommates only liked things cleaned a certain way. If I saw this, I would probably knock it over on purpose.

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4. Who knew that doing the dishes could be so difficult?

Reddit | djTrip9

I've never been very good at doing dishes myself. I remember the first time I did, they had to be washed again.

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5. I don't know what's so hard about putting things away.

Twitter | @wannabe_adult

Personal space does not exist when you have roommates. Their belongings are everywhere but don't you dare touch them!

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6. Be prepared to fight over anything. Be prepared to be wrong.

Reddit | [deleted]

It's really surprising what can start an argument. I used a ball that wasn't mine once… I'm still alive.

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7. If this roommate was a monster, then so was I.

Reddit | i7exe

Coke was my substitute for coffee and energy drinks in college. However, I had the decency to put in the fridge.

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8. The good ones try their best to fix things.

Reddit | ShredderTony

You have to admit, this is pretty funny. I probably would've handled this in a similar fashion. It gives the house character.

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9. This one would have me asking for a new roommate ASAP!

Reddit | R0sc0E

Sure, people have some roommate horror stories, but I've never seen anything like this. I wouldn't take the risk.

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10. Be careful what you wish for, because you might get something like this.

Twitter | @Deno_Tron More

I don't imagine the date went well after that. This roommate definitely gets an 'A' for effort.

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11. Sometimes, they can have your back in the strangest way possible.

Tumblr | contradixxen

Be sure to appreciate those moments while they last. I wonder if they actually shared the toilet paper.

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12. I'd like to say it could be worse, but I really don't think so.

Twitter | @clintfrazier

No matter how nice your roommate is, this is a major invasion of a personal bubble.

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13. Sometimes, you can't help but wish they would go away.

Reddit | takemetotheplaya

Whether you love or extremely dislike your roommate, sometimes you just need your space. This is a way to express that need.

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14. I couldn't be mad if I got a note like this. At least it's creative.

Imgur | calebisthemanby

You'd be surprised how dirty microwaves can actually get. It's better to deal with it now than later.

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15. Message received, loud and clear. I'm glad this isn't my problem.


I feel bad, but the smell had to be terrible in order to get instructions like these.

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16. This could be straight out of a horror movie. I hope I never have to deal with this.

Reddit | stephy7

If I had to do that while living with someone, I would expect a handsome reward.

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