21+ Super Satisfying Pics

What is it about satisfaction that makes us feel so good? Sure, it's easy to understand the feeling when you've accomplished a goal or have the chance for a good "I told you so," but why do certain images give us that same feeling?

I'm sure there are scientists out there studying it right now, but that's not what you or I are here for. Right now, we just want to reveal in that sweet, sweet satisfaction.

This blob of fresh paint.

Reddit | Someone_Playz

Oh my. I'm not sure I could bring myself to dip a brush into that. It's already a work of art. Just cut out that part of the makeshift palette, add a new blob of red elsewhere to use, and let this one dry solid. Enjoy it forever.

Tulips aren't my favorite flower, but you can't deny the beauty of their fields.

Reddit | PCGI014

I wonder if the rows are chosen based on color popularity. Like, are yellow and white tulips that much more desired that some of the other shades?

I'm partial to the pinky orange ones myself. They remind me of sunrise.

Look how smooth these mushroom caps are!

Reddit | LegitimateIndication

They look like hamburger buns to me. Perfectly smooth ones like those you see in restaurant advertising.

And now I'm craving a burger, which is probably preferable to craving whatever these mushrooms are. They may be poisonous.

This string of leaves is a perfect autumn gradient.

Reddit | AHeadC

It's so pretty and really makes me wish the fall in my neighborhood had been better this year. It's pretty much been too gray and rainy to enjoy the colors, and then a night of high winds knocked all the leaves to the ground.

Forget burgers, now I want pancakes.

I probably shouldn't be writing this when I'm already two hours late on lunch. It just makes all this amazing looking food more enticing. Look how they flip!

This is possibly the most beautiful dahlia I've ever seen.

Reddit | xd_Shrek

The symmetry alone would make it satisfying, but it's the colors that make it incredible. And then you add in those perfect drops of dew and I'm just in heaven.

I can always appreciate a well designed candy display.

Reddit | solituderequiem

Especially when I'm hungry.

My only caveat here is that I hope the candy used for the design is secured in some way and meant as decoration and not consumption. Because someone's hands were all over those.

Okay fine, even snow can be satisfying.

Reddit | nitecorerain888

There's nothing quite like that short period of time before the fresh layer of snow gets trampled. I could stare at it forever — as long as I'm not expected to shovel it.

I watched this gif for way too long.

It's just so mesmerizing to watch the marker line spiral and it's not just the turntable doing all the work. It takes a good eye and a steady hand to slowly move the marker toward the center as it spins.

If your mug is going to break, it may as well break like this.

Reddit | Noisylyrebird

Two perfect halves and a handle. Nice.

Most likely this is the cause of cheap manufacturing and terrible glue, but it's still satisfying to look at.

I actually practice calligraphy.

Thus, I can confirm that it is just as satisfying to perform this flourish as it is to watch it. It's a classic way to test how flexible a nib is.

I promise that I'm not choosing food on purpose.

Reddit | missblondemeow

It's just universally satisfying to peel the foil from a yogurt cup and have the top stay perfectly smooth like this.

But yes, I can't put off lunch any longer.

Before and after cleaning is so satisfying.

Reddit | weirdbacon

Especially when I'm not the one that had to do the cleaning part. Sure, there is satisfaction to be found in completing a chore like this, but I'm lazy af.

All those tiny shells may be the cutest thing I've even seen.

Reddit | secretmortician

Just look at how many fit inside the one big shell. They're so precious!

I don't usually collect shells, but I don't think I could help it with these.

Nothing like the perfect fit.

This is way more satisfying than opening a large box just to find a tiny item stuffed underneath a bunch of large air packets. If you're going to do that, at least give me the fun of bubble wrap I can pop.

When there is just the right amount of juice left.

Reddit | Amazingdragonboy

Sure, you're stuck looking weird when you awkwardly lean forward to slurp up enough to prevent a spill, but really, the satisfaction makes it all worth it.

These perfect layers of Jell-O.

Reddit | T_munch

I don't even like eating Jell-O all that much, but I sure do like looking at these slices of perfection. Not sure how I feel about just setting it on a table top like that, though.

Sometimes a spill can be art, too.

Reddit | ScientificallyFalse

It's almost too good to be true, but staged or not, I'm happy to just look at it for a bit. This person definitely needs to top up that coffee, though.

How the shadow lines up with the rest of the bulding.

Reddit | moegelvang

It even cuts between the windows perfectly!

I assume this is an intentional design choice by the architect. If so, bravo!

These raindrops on the windshield of a Tesla.

Reddit | virusdoc

Apparently, the colors have something to do with the specific UV coating Tesla uses on their windshields, since it was the only vehicle in the lot to display such vivid shades of red and gold.

This took some serious skill to achieve.

Reddit | anxiety___queen

It would be a pain in the butt to maintain the color, but probably worth it for the constant satisfaction you would get every time you ran your hands through your hair.

Those outside forks are making all the others look bad.

Reddit | shootingstar1313

If I was the person restocking the cutlery, I would be doing my best to recreate this every time.

And then I'd get irrationally annoyed when a customer dared ruin it by taking a fork.

When your shoes match the escalator perfectly.

Reddit | CrazzyMonkey1234

I know that if I had noticed this happening with my own shoes, I'd have gone down the escalator again just so I could take a picture like this one.

Finishing a puzzle is satisfying, but finishing this one is extra special.

Part of me really wants to get a puzzle like this to try, but another part of me knows how annoyed I would become while trying to put it together.

The final result would probably be worth it, though.