The Most Expensive Guns In The World Cost $4.5 Million Because They're Made From Meteorites

We don't just use weapons as practical tools for hunting and defense. They're also symbols, used in ceremonies and carried by kings as often as they're brought into battle by soldiers. It's been that way as far back as history goes. But long, long before that, the materials used for the incredible guns below hadn't even arrived on Earth yet. They were on an interstellar journey, whipping through the cosmos on a collision course with destiny.

You don't have to be any kind of gun aficionado to appreciate the work that went into Cabot Guns' Big Bang Pistol Set.

Cabot Guns | Cabot Guns

Although you probably do have to be a gun lover to part with your money for them. The asking price? A cool $4.5 million.

The pair of pistols, modeled after the M1911, are the only two like them in existence, fashioned from a 4.5 billion year-old, 77-pound meteorite found in Namibia.

Cabot Guns | Cabot Guns

Making small, intricate components out of meteorite required incredible skill. Cabot's engineers had to scan and model the whole meteorite before refining it, and even the finished products have noticeable imperfections as a result of the wild temperature variations during a long journey through space.

Nevertheless, those imperfections only add to the guns' character.

Cabot Guns | Cabot Guns

And they're criss-crossed with the Widmanstatten patterns so commonly found on iron meteorites.

Cabot Guns insists they're fully functional pistols as well, just in case you want to fire off a few rounds at the gun range after shelling out your $4.5 million for a work of art.

Cabot Guns | Cabot Guns

The question is: would you actually pay for these beauties?

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