9 Reasons to Keep Those Silica Gel Bags

You know those little white packets that come in the shoe box of your brand new heels? Those packets that you are so quick to toss in the trash? I've never thought twice about those things.

"Silica Packets" are what those are called, and they are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. So why shouldn't you find another use for them around the home? You may also find these things floating around in the bottom of a new purse. I often forget to check for them and then I find them after I have been using the purse for months.

Take a look at this list of other uses for these handy little packets and let me know if you will start saving them. Share this article so that everyone knows to save them, too!

So sure, obviously you aren't going to pop these things open for an afternoon snack...

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But that doesn't mean you have to toss them!

Before we get into the cool ways to reuse these little guys, here is a quick tip to remember. 

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You can recharge these packets and keep using them. Put them on a cookie sheet in a 100-degree oven for an hour.

When you’re not using the packets, keep them in an airtight container to protect them from surrounding moisture.

1. Toss them in your gym bag. 

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These little packets will protect your gym bag from growing mold or bacteria.

I mean, if they keep other bags fresh then it totally makes sense!

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And what's more in need of freshness than a gym bag?

2. Preserve old photos.

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For this one, you'll want to toss a couple of silica bags in the box where you keep your old photos.

This will keep them from sticking together and getting ruined.

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And of course, to keep them fresh and timeless!

3. Forget rice.

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If it's not around when your phone gets wet, there are other options.

If your phone falls in some liquid, put it in a jar full of silica beads instead.

That way you won't waste precious rice.

4. Defog your windshield 

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Yup, their moisture absorbing powers can also make it easier to see on those misty mornings.

Put a bunch of silica bags on your dash under your windshield.

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This will take care of the fog and save you time.

5. Keep your linen closet fresh.

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If you have a damp, dark linen closet, toss a couple of these bags around your towels.

This will keep your towels from getting dingy and smelly.

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Sounds like a plan, right?

6. Get rid of that dingy old book smell.

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Place an old book in a plastic bag with a couple of silica packages and it will freshen right up.

Of course, it seems there's nothing silica beads can't solve!

Is there any old moisture that's a match for these things?

7. Extend the life of your razor blades.

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At this point, the silica gel's powers of restoration seem almost magical.

Place your razors in a container with a couple packages of silica.

The bags will absorb the moisture and keep the blades from rusting.

Good as new!

8. Prevent your tools from getting rusty. 

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This one almost begs the question as to why tool sets don't come with these in the first place.

Same idea as the razor blades, but they'll work for your tool box, too.

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To prevent your tools from oxidizing, place three silica packets inside your tool box.

9. Keep your dog food dry.

Tape a silica packet taped to the lid of your dog food storage bin.

This will keep Fido's food dry and fresh.

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And since we're talking about dogs, look at this majestic little guy...

Remember, though...

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As handy as all these hacks are, these little packets are still a choking hazard so always keep away from children!

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