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15 Simple But Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Keeping your home safe is definitely a number one priority, especially once you become a parent. Whether it's from trips and falls, electrical fires, or potential burglars, it's important to be mindful of how you set up your home.

While you can definitely purchase high-tech items to protect your house, there are plenty of easy hacks you can implement today to keep everyone safe.

2. Hide Cords In Plain Sight

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Wires and cords are not only dangerous for tripping over, they're also a total eyesore. You can hide them away using boxes or baskets, keeping everyone safe and your home looking chic.

3. Keep Spare Keys In Unexpected Places

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It's definitely important to keep spare keys around just in case you lose your main one, but keeping it under the welcome mat is just plain obvious. Hide your key in a pill bottle glued to a rock for a stealthy solution.

4. Create Your Own Book Safe

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Spare keys aren't the only things that can be hidden in unexpected ways. Burglars want to get in and out quickly, and ain't nobody got time to go through every book on your bookshelf.

6. Use A Crayon As A Candle In Emergencies

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Keeping an emergency kit for storms and other natural disasters is always a good idea, but if for some reason you don't have candles, a crayon will work in a pinch.

7. Keep Your Doors Closed When Sleeping

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If you want a little extra protection against potential house fires, keep your doors closed. Don't forget what we all learned as kids, don't open a door with a hot handle!

8. Use Bungee Cords To Keep Drawers Closed

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When my brothers were kids, they would use their drawers as stairs so they could jump off them onto their beds. They were never hurt, luckily, but this hack would've stopped that from happening!

9. Crochet Door Knob Covers

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There are some doors little kids should never open, like doors to basements or electrical rooms, for example. These crochet door knob covers are cute and super functional.

10. Use An Elastic Band To Keep Doors From Shutting

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Just like there are doors curious hands shouldn't open, there are some doors that you don't want to be closed, either. This is a handy hack for just that.

11. Put A Piece Of Dowel In Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors usually have locking mechanisms, but they can fail pretty easily. A wooden dowel will be a secondary locking system for peace of mind.

12. Modify A Fork To Reinforce A Lock

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Not all locks are as strong as the next, and sometimes they need a little bit of help. This hack is quick, simple, and uses just a fork. Get all the steps here.

13. Use Velcro To Keep Rugs From Sliding

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Rugs make a great visual statement to any home, but if you've got kids and pets running around, they can definitely be a hazard. Use Velcro to keep them down.

14. Mix Up An Ice-Melting Concoction

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Keeping your house safe isn't just important on the inside. I can't count the number of times I've fallen due to ice. This hack is especially important for stairs!

15. Prevent Electrical Fires With Socket Covers

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It's not uncommon for kids to stick things inside electrical sockets, and we all know that's not going to end well. Use socket covers and don't plug in too many cords to keep your home safe!

Which home safety hacks will you be implementing?

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