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32 Satisfying Pics Of Things That Got Really Clean

I hate cleaning — I hate it so much that on some weekends, I sit in my living room in the dark, reminiscing on the good old days when I was a freeloader at my parents' house, where everything seemed to stay clean all the time.

Of course, I know that isn't true, I now see that my parents worked really hard to make sure it appeared that way for us and truthfully, I'm very grateful, but I don't think I'll ever be able to clean the way my parents can.

1. We all know that kids can get kind of dirty, but this is a little scary. 

Reddit | tellisthetruth

I guess it's true that sometimes we don't know how dirty something is until it's clean again, at which point we panic about all the other things in our house that are lowkey filthy.

2. I appreciate both versions of this Super Nintendo. 

Imgur | diegowolfwood

The dirty one with all the gold foil stickers on top reminds me of mine when I was younger, but now that I have left the majority of my youth behind, I would enjoy owning a very clean one.

3. Alright, I don't know about you guys, but I find this very unsettling.

Reddit | AnthonyOnSax

I've never seen pennies so clean, I almost don't believe that these are a real currency. A coin that looks this good should be worth more than one cent.

4. I can only imagine how much work it would have taken to clean this floor by hand.

Reddit | QueenHarri

But it's nice to be able to take a step back and see how far you've come and how great it looks. That's the best way to get the motivation to finish.

5.  Gloves would def be something that I would write off as uncleanable. 

Twitter | @Gabiii_Floress

But, it turns out it's a good thing I don't own dirty gloves since apparently, I would have foolishly thrown them away.

6. Let's talk about something for a second: The height of this building would terrify me.

Reddit | LooseSealOfApproval

Obviously, that means I would never apply for the job, but these window washers are next-level brave. Plus, they're doing a super job.

7. I'm not sure exactly what happened to this window and why it was left that way for so long, but ew.

Reddit | owlsawake

It will nice to be able to see the sun again and have it be a useful window instead of just a dirty one.

8. Oh man, this looks like the beginning of a very stimulating afternoon.

Reddit | lx45803

If I had a power washer and deck chairs, I would take my sweet, sweet time cleaning up those bad boys.

9. The joy that some people get from washing their cars never really made sense to me. It always seemed like a huge chore.

Imgur | popolopolos

But now I can see that it's probably really enjoyable, and makes you feel like you take pride in your work.

10. How is this even humanly possible?

Reddit | steakmissionary

Someone has cleanly eaten half the peanut butter in this jar, and if there wasn't photographic proof, I would never have believed it. Wow.

11. The first big clean of the backyard in the spring is always a big deal at my parents' place.

Reddit | project_twenty5oh1

It means the start of at least six weeks of pool time and deck lounging.

12. The original white of this building is so beautiful and ornate.

Reddit | Pzam56

I know that everything gets dirty over time, but doesn't it kind of gross you out when you see what the air around us is caring around?

13. Well, this is a half-cleaned floor, cleaned in this terrible checkered pattern to prove to someone's wife that the floor does, in fact, need to be cleaned.

Reddit | ordin22

I guess he's made his point.

14. How much elbow grease do you think it took to get these bad boys clean?

Reddit | Reddit

Probably more than the deep fry grease, because nothing stands in the way of determination.

15. This is exactly what someone should be doing if they have a dirty driveway and a power washer.

Twitter | @Dondo707

Otherwise, what's the point in having either, you know? Honestly, I hope this is inspiration for people to do things right.

16. I don't think I ever would have guessed that this track was red underneath.

Reddit | Dudthestud

And such a nice red at that! Shows you how much I engage in physical activity.

17. I would have thought this floor was way beyond the point of being saved.

Reddit | Khellou

And yet, here we are! Look at those vibrant colors shinning through. It's enough to make you smile.

18. This pool must have been abandoned, because that seems like next-level dirty. 

Reddit | DonSol0

Looks like it was no match for a power washer, though. They definitely made short work of that.

19. It's cool that this person has a before and after chair. 

Reddit | FailRider

I would keep them like this just so I could see all my progress, especially when I was having a down day.

Well, I don't know about you, but I have the intense urge to go home and clean some things.

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