24 Photos That Will Stop You Right In Your Tracks

Sometimes you witness something so peculiar that you do a double take.

Take a quick glance at your child and they can scare the living bejeezus out of you. Drive down an unfamiliar street at night only to be startled by some cleverly placed garden gnomes.

Here are 24 photos that'll make you drop what you're doing and second-guess what your eyes are seeing.

1. Chilling at Grandpa's place. These kids have been playing hide-and-seek for hours.

Twitter | @realKrisCruz

I'm sorry, but dolls are creepy, and photos like this are one of the many reasons I will never have them in my house!

2. Turns out ice cream is your daughter's nightmare fuel.

Twitter | @rtpburns

Okay, so it turns out kids can actually be creepier than dolls. Hmm, something else I hopefully will never have in my house... sorry, Mom.

3. If you're a gamer like me, you would definitely be shaking in your boots if you saw this guy on the subway.

Reddit | SlimJones123

For those of you who aren't gamers, this is Agent 47. Scary stuff.

4. You walk downstairs, startled by an intruder at the door. But nope, turns out it's just Dad trying to mess with ya.

Reddit | Guera93

Although, I guess technically Santa is the biggest break-and-enter perpetrator of them all!

5. Looks like you're going to bring up homeschooling to her folks at the next parent/teacher meeting.

Instagram | @louisyogapants

"She's a talented child, but might flourish more in a different class setting... For instance one with crucifixes and perhaps an ample supply of holy water..."

6. This why you don't go sticking your head into other people's business.

Instagram | @annaithil

Looks like this time the big bad wolf decided to cosplay Little Red Riding Hood instead of her grandma! It never hurts to switch it up!

7. Spotted at a university in Thailand. Make sure to avoid this bridge on the way back from a campus party.

Reddit | fedtothewolves

This could make for a very nasty drunken walk home...And by that, I mean you could end up becoming someone else's after-bar food.

8. You walk into your daughter's room to find her like this and you nearly drop the bottle on her.

Twitter | @jayeads

For the love of god, do you see what I mean?! Do you need any more proof that kids are beyond creepy?!

9. Safety first, common sense second...or last

Instagram | @shawn.morrissey

Yes, I'm sure that box will most definitely keep you safe from sparks and flames... It's not like cardboard is flammable or anything... What a great life hack! Or maybe it's more of a death hack...

10. She screamed at the top of her lungs when she opened the box. "That ain't no spider, y'all!

Reddit | TayRaff

As you can see, it appears that Little Miss Muffet still struggles in the 21st century. Time doesn't heal all wounds.

11. New age mechanics for millennials on the go.

Reddit | throatfrog

Seriously, what is wrong with people? It's times like these where I seriously consider cutting up my driver's license and swearing off cars and all forms of automobiles altogether.

12. There must be a glitch in the matrix. What are the chances?

Instagram | @joseph351_

I guess when you reach a certain age, everything starts to look the same. Especially when you all shop at the same TJ Maxx.

13. "Honey, can you look at the camera and smile? Uh... actually just stop."

Twitter | @dillymama

At this point, you guys already know how I feel about kids...and, I'll be honest, this black and white filter is definitely not helping things...

14. Lesson learned: never disappoint your children while they have clown face paint on. 

Twitter | @cait_nee

Huh...well, kudos to the makeup artist. It looks like they really nailed that "John Wayne Gacy in the early years" type look.

15. The real question is how he even got on the bike in the first place.

Instagram | @mictanleculti

If I needed a ladder to get up on my bike, I would ride my bike even less than I do already.

16. I say, sir, that's certainly a mighty fine brick collection you've got there. 

Reddit | midjuneau

This is what happens when you let Philistines build their own bookshelves. Stick to Ikea, you boorish bourgeois! No offence to Ikea...

17. Day 37 and they still haven't figured it out. 

Reddit | fyren92694

"Many members of our waddle have gone missing in these past few weeks. It's certainly peculiar... However, our newest member seems to be dramatically growing in girth."

18. I never understood why people had foot fetishes. 

Reddit | Penguin_438

This, on the other hand, I find strangely alluring. The hand doesn't even have the right amount of fingers. However, I suppose it has a face, so we'll give it that.

19. This would be perfect for Friday night or the worst depending on your situation...

Reddit | bruisedGalaxies

Whoever thought up this as the dream car is a total and complete genius. You can park wherever you want and charge for rides!

20. Insert obligatory bark vs bite joke here...because I don't feel like it.

Reddit | SamusAran47

Did you do it? Did you insert your joke? Did it make you laugh? I know, it's not as easy as it looks, is it?

21. He's got his summer bod ready to go. 

Reddit | happy_to_halp

It's supposed to rain today, but I guess this guy didn't get the memo... GET IT? MEMO? Because he's covered in them! Sorry, that was inexcusably terrible. I'll try to do better next time...

22. Wait, rabbits have shells now... OH, WHAT? NOPE!

Twitter | @symptom77

Oh, my dear lord. I hate this. I mean, I really hate this. I'm sorry if you're just as disturbed as I am. Just imagine the slime trails it would leave on the carpet!

23. Someone's clearly made a huge mistake. 

Reddit | IHateThisSite000

What that mistake is, I couldn't say. I don't even really know what's happening in this picture. All I know is if the SWAT team needs milk, this guy's got it!

24. "Selfie Sunday, feelin' myself today"

Twitter | @sIiceofpizza

Don't ask me how this witchcraft is possible. All I know is that this dog is more photogenic than me and its selfie is better than any I've ever taken! Teach me your selfie ways, doggo!

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