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16 People Who Definitely Missed A Few Details

Most of the time, our attitude to work is, "Better done than perfect." If you do more or less of what you're supposed to, nobody's gonna notice that a couple details aren't quite as good as they could be.

This is especially true when you're doing the bare minimum while dealing with a rude customer. Maybe they'd get better service if they weren't so rude, but they'll never know.

But unfortunately, if we always take this approach, we might end up in situations like these.

1. Those good vibes are nice and everything, but I don't think they've thought through what happens when the airbag pops out.

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The energy from these crystals won't feel so loving and cleansing when they're rammed into your face at 60 mph.

2. Yeah, the amorphous wall of cookie birds only seems cute until you start baking it. 

Reddit | beroemd

Those friendly little tweets can turn into the haunting shrieks of the doomed really quickly if each one doesn't get its space to grow.

That's a life lesson learned.

3. But just in case you ever get too down on yourself, just remember that nature also has its own blooper reel.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

"Oh yeah, eggs usually have yolks, don't they? I guess it's too late to say I was just trying to provide a healthier option?"

4. He may have forgotten to go out and grab a tape measure, but at least this plucky fella didn't let that stop him.

Instagram | @will_ent

I love the idea of people looking at this and thinking, "It'll fit, I have a guy in my house just like that."

5. Yup, that's a sure-fire way to forget minor details, like whether this guy's girlfriend is literally right beside him or not.

Instagram | @kalesalad

And that's even before he tries to solve the great mystery of where his pants are and why he threw them away.

OK, that's not hard. Pants suck.

6. Hmm, it's kind of hard to tell if they missed a really important detail here or they were a little too aware of it.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

I checked and "rezeptfrei kaufen" doesn't translate to some clever play on words about pipes, so I guess we'll never know.

7. I get wanting to keep your pizza safe and secure, but I think it might actually be easier to steal this than a bike.

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If people manage to steal everything off a bike except the locked wheel, they'll definitely have no problem ripping through a pizza.

8. There may not be many places to hide this, but choosing the one that people are likely to step on doesn't seem like a great idea.

Instagram | @tampons

Hmm, I guess it's good that they were so unsubtle about this or the precious cargo might've become a pancake.

9. I guess she thinks the only purpose of this thing is to tell the world you don't have to hold your phone like a peasant?

Instagram | @tampons

I'd love to be the one who blows her mind by telling her that she doesn't even need a mirror at all.

10. Before we start playing a game of "find the point of this," I should tell you that the back pain medicine is on the bottom shelf. 

Reddit | zstoney13

Like, the exact place that would make you bend over and strain your back? They were either clueless or sadistic.

11. Huh, I guess nobody noticed how clogged this espresso machine was getting until they were down to just a trickle.

Reddit | theogpburdell

I wonder if drilling deep enough into that mess would lead to a coffee pocket, just like when you strike oil.

12. I'm assuming the plan wasn't, "Get people to help the koalas by invading their nightmares," so they should've spent more time at the drawing board.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

I guess the only upside is that we won't ask how koalas are related to Mario if we're too busy screaming.

13. This is obviously not what the driver wants to hear, but the sad truth is that it's possible for a low rider to go too low.

Reddit | argargo

I'm not Xzibit, but I'm pretty sure all the bass in the world isn't gonna cover up that scraping sound.

14. I mean, I'm not mad that they made this mistake, but whoever did this must hate their job on a cosmic level not to notice.

Instagram | @menshumor

Actually, maybe they did notice. Maybe this is exactly what they need to make themselves smile after getting a bad customer.

15. Oh dear, I hope this lady always wanted a bunch of pictures of her eye, because that's what she's getting. 

Reddit | thisismybaesbf

This is probably the only time where accidentally having the flash on would be helpful. She may see spots, but she'll realize her mistake.

16. I'm not sure what bothers me more — the fact that they somehow forgot Shrek is green or the weird devil beard they gave him. 

Reddit | Haptic73

No wait, I've got it. They made one of his kids green but not the other one. They're doing this on purpose.