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16 People Who Should Be Hella Proud Of Themselves

Coming up with a clever solution to a tricky situation can be more satisfying than itching a mosquito bite. On the rare occasion I actually manage to accomplish this, you better believe I'm taking pictures to prove that, once in a while, my brain does actually work.

Here's a handful of people who also snapped photos of those moments that'll make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

1. This sign-making machine.

Me.Me | Me.Me

If anything, I think David Grohl would be proud of YOU, mister sign-maker, for spreading the vaccination gospel and for being punny. Well done.

2. This clever kid here.

Reddit | irishchck14

TBH, I'm kind of upset he didn't get credit for this. I mean, sure, he could've done the math and gotten the answer that the teacher wanted (which I bet he would've had no problem doing because he's like, hella smart), but Bobby decided to think outside the box.

3. This guy and his hand protection device.


It's like a hand condom that prevents bacon grease from impregnating your hand with lil' blisters. I do have one qualm though. Under no circumstances should you ever use a fork on non-stick cookware. That's blasphemy.

4. This subpar restaurant.

Twitter | @_EricHu

It's okay for girls to wear makeup, but it's not okay for this restaurant to do this? I spend, like, an hour every day getting ready to pretend I'm not a C-, so I think these guys deserve an A+ for their creativity.

5. This man with a plan.

Twitter | @Jausepher

A new toilet seat, or a new place to eat?! This guy seems pretty stoked about his new dinner table, and I can't take that excitement away from him. You do you, toilet man.

6. This barber in training.

Reddit | ChilePatuano

With the amount of money spent on electronics, and the time wasted setting this up, I'm sure he could've just went to the local barbershop. Gotta give him props for this contraption, though!

7. This true/false trickster.

Imgur | Imgur

If you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose. This guy clearly didn't have a clue, so he tried to think outside the box. Unfortunately, it looks like it didn't pay off. A for effort, though!

8. This damn fam jam cam grand slam.

Imgur | FairWestApparel

When you're close family, you don't wanna leave anyone out of the picture, but you also want a picture to begin with. What's the solution? This, apparently. It's not conventional, but it works!

9. This sassy guy and his GR8 PL8.

Twitter | @freakmommy

I'm not sure if he's calling himself an asshole, or if he's referencing the people behind him. Whatever the case may be, it clearly mattered a lot to him. He paid money for a vanity license plate just to express himself like this.

10. This washing machine bandit.

Twitter | @OlmediaHD

If I was selling a washing machine and someone asked to try it out, you'd better believe I'd be getting them to wash my laundry. Honestly, if this guy was so down on money that he had to scam someone to get his laundry clean, maybe you should cut him a break.

11. This lazy Susan.

Imgur | Imgur

This is definitely smart, but I'm still super confused as to how someone could sleep through the sound of a blaring vacuum.

12. This chicken nugget ninja.

Twitter | @sheldonAvaughn

It's really not the worst idea. You have separate compartments for sauces, and can also keep better track of your nugget consumption. No dishes, no problem!

13. This magnificent mom and her messenger.

Twitter | @sophiebillo1

I'd probably end up leaving things all over the house in the hopes that my mom would attach them to the dog and send them my way.

14. This sauce boss.

Instagram | @realfoolishness

This definitely worked! Is that really its intended use, though? An icicle is a clever murder weapon because the evidence melts away, but that's not why they exist.

15. This not so chapped chap.

Instagram | @realfoolishness

At Christmastime, my Secret Santa at work gave me a gift that included some chapstick. I messaged her a month later to let her know that I had used the entire thing already. Today when I saw this image, I began to panic. Four years? Really? Was I just eating the chapstick? Am I okay?

16. This fantastic food genius.

Instagram | @realfoolishness

The only thing I need less than someone telling me how much food I can take is someone watching me eat how much food I take. This solves both of those problems, and I really just respect her for this.

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