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A Woman Got The Coworker Sexually Harassing Her Fired In The Most Amazing Way

In the workplace, it can be difficult to deal with unwanted attention, often for fear that people won't believe you or that it will negatively impact your career.

Those are just some of the reasons why so many people do not report sexual harassment or assault, both inside and outside of the workplace.

However, a woman on Reddit recently shared her story of how she was able to get her revenge, and ultimately, got her toxic coworker fired.

This Reddit user said a guy at work was constantly "bumping" into her.


He'd brush the side of her butt, or graze her breasts. It would happen frequently, but he'd play it off "innocently," never making eye contact, making it difficult for her to prove anything happened.

One day, when he took it even farther by pinching her butt in the office, the author said she immediately felt defeated.

Hapa Kenya | Hapa Kenya

Why anyone thinks this behavior is okay is beyond me. I feel for her concern about going to her boss about the issue.

She was worried that if she told anyone, they wouldn't believe her story.


Instead of going to her boss, she decided to take matters into her own hands by coming up with a plan that only a true genius could ever come up with.

She decided that if he was going to make her feel gross, and if he felt entitled to "claim her ass," she was going to make him feel gross and "claim his hand."


So, she walked by him, turned her butt toward his hand, and she did the unimaginable.


She let out a loud fart, right where his hand lay next to her butt.

The man was furious, freaking out at the woman for her behavior.


Her goal was to change the way her looked at her butt. No longer was it a sexualized part of her body, but rather a "fart box" that had now claimed his hand.

But that's not actually where this story ends.


I can't imagine this is going to end well for the male employee. The scene they made had to have been incredibly disruptive.

Their boss overheard the exchange, and continued to hear more from employees who couldn't stop talking about it.

Reddit | studmucky

He invited the two of them in to discuss the situation.

It turned out that she was one of five women in the office that this coworker had been harassing in similar ways.


His only defense was that the woman had intentionally farted on him.

She denied that it was intentional, saying it was an accident.


The coworker argued that his butt pinching was "just a joke." But that was all their boss needed to hear for him to send the coworker on his way.

The fact that a grown man needed to be farted on to begin to see the error of his ways is actually mindblowing.

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It's important to discuss the issues surrounding entitlement and gender disparity, especially in the workplace.

Reddit is behind this woman 100%, with some people even letting her know that she is their hero.

Reddit | sky-over-the-field

TBH, if a fart could solve all the sexual harassment issues in the world, I'd be doing it a lot more frequently.

Some people even drew comparisons to an old story from the 1940s about Disney's Ink & Print Department.


Even magical places like Disney are not safe from sexual harassment, and I can only imagine how it would have been back in the day.

The story comes from the book Drawing The Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosko to Bart Simpson by Tom Sito. 

Reddit | SKETCHdoodler

This story literally gives a new meaning to "booby trap."

Many people are using the story as an opportunity to remind each other that it's sad that women have to go this far to teach some men a lesson.

Reddit | martybd

And I honestly could not agree more.

While the story is hilarious, it's an important reminder that sexual harassment, both in and out of the workplace, is a serious topic that we need to continue to discuss. 


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