20 People Definitely Feeling The Cruel Financial Sting Of Christmas

Everyone knows I'm not made of money. I recently graduated from grad school, which means I've spent the past six years of my life living like a pauper.

Cut to Christmastime 2016.

I'm feeling the crunch. With so many people to buy for and nothing but tuppence in my coin purse, I definitely feel the pressure at Christmas.

Just like these nice folks! Enjoy!

1. So now what am I supposed to buy for my family?

reddit | jmulvey

2. When they ask for an iPad for Christmas...

Twitter | @ckru5

3. Let your creativity soar.

reddit | littlesoubrette

4. Or, you could go with the suspension model.

reddit | Steameffekt

5. His sadness is palpable. 

reddit | [deleted]

6. He's not poor, he just hates redundancy. 

reddit | pinderson

7. And now look! Rich people are eating us now!

reddit | Spuddy0108

8. When you check your bank account after New Year's.

Giphy | Giphy

9. When you can't afford to come home for Christmas but still get to ride the train.

reddit | kikibme

10. Must have been a solo project.

Confetti Grove | Confetti Grove

11. Times are tough.

reddit | zeebs758

12. ...really tough.

Facebook | Re3 - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

13. This is just cruel.

reddit | Prong1978

14. When you call your lack of money "upcycling."

reddit | DCrouchelli

15. Even Harry and Marv have been reduced to building the houses they have to rob.

reddit | Ryansco1

16. When you want them to be excited, but then crush their soul.

reddit | This_comment_has

17. Well, there are a few things to replace.

reddit | Aiden2222

18. Bad news: You're poor. Good news: You didn't have to do any work to discover that you're poor.

reddit | unfinished-sentenc

19. That time you had to use the wrapping paper from last Christmas.

reddit | north_runner

20. "This little girl asked for Frozen gifts this Christmas."

reddit | OriginalCrisis