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19 Pics To Make Your Head Spin

You'd think that nothing would shock us anymore, but every now and then folks will find a way to put all of our reason and logic in a blender.

And while I'm sure the resulting smoothie is delicious, it also means we're left stumbling about as though naptime just ended.

But because the only thing that makes laughing better is shaking your head while you do it, let's get weird.

1. This bizarre display is shocking enough without the discovery that this kind of loyalty still exists.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

As soon as a new bae enters her life, we're gonna be watching them like a hawk because someone this pure needs to be protected at all costs.

2. I wish I could say this is someone's unnerving Photoshop project, but it really exists.

Reddit | crackeddryice

I guess we can take some comfort in the fact that it's not real hair, but good luck climbing up this thing without getting a creepy feeling.

Especially with bare feet.

3. Yikes, this pipeline really isn't doing poor SpongeBob any favors.

Reddit | GhostZOsu

But despite all the nightmarish pain and the eye-bleeding, the homie is still keeping up a positive attitude.

I'm guessing that's because the Krusty Krab pizza jingle just went through his head again.

4. No, she's probably not the only one with a charger like this, but I think it's a safe bet that this girl is the only one with hands on her feet.

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm not sure what I find more mind-blowing — whatever is going on down there or the fact that this charger still somehow works.

5. You know, I think the real question here is why someone would want to do this.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I'd like to think I have a pretty open mind, but I think I'd need a whole PowerPoint with star dissolves and clipart to persuade me here.

6. Haha, this is probably one of the happiest arrests I've ever seen.

Reddit | TheNamesFrost

"I have to admit, buddy. You just made my day."
"Does that mean I'm free to go?"
"Nope, what you did is still very illegal. I just wanted you to know I appreciate this."

7. Yeah, even after this person explains what they did, it's impossible to unsee the table underwear. 

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Or maybe we just want to believe that this saucy table is serving a flirty look here. Can we not have that simple pleasure?

8. Haha, I have no problem admitting that I really wish I could do this right now.

Reddit | Grimalkin

Not only that, but I would really wanna see which one of my neighbors would have the guts to tell me I'm not allowed to do this.

9. Ordering from two pizza places at once was already a fantastically extra move before the stars aligned and this happened.

Instagram | @will_ent

And when all you're worried about is getting the pizza there quickly, there's no reason to set-trip over which pizza is better.

That's just beautiful.

10. I don't know why somebody made this, but I'm going to allow it. 

Reddit | anonypoliny

There's something weirdly adorable about a stubby little stool getting all geared up in a tracksuit like it can actually go anywhere or do anything.

11. Whoa, whatever barber pulled this off just made themselves a masterpiece.

Reddit | SmartBoiiii

The kid's parents are either really cool or soon-to-be horrified, but the point is that he's gonna be the man when he shows up to school like this.

12. It was a valiant effort, but it looks like we'll just have to keep looking for that solution to world hunger.

Reddit | roythemedia

Sadly, even the best-laid plans of mice and men can end with cold spaghetti, messy photocopiers, and broken dreams.

13. I'm not a hockey fan in the slightest, but I'd show up to every game if this dude was on the ice.

Reddit | MakBurn

Sure, the game would turn into even more of a carnage-filled slugfest than it already is, but the acrobatics would be worth it.

14. So apparently, Philadelphia greased up its lampposts to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them. 

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

The wild part isn't that they had to resort to this. Nah, the wild part is that it failed miserably and life still found a way.

15. I don't even like wearing one belt, so I can't fathom how wearing pants that need four of them is doing anything but torturing yourself.

Reddit | mosh_java

I'm obviously not hating on this dude for wearing whatever he wants. I'm just curious about the appeal here.

16. When siblings look enough like each other, this can get downright trippy when they pull something like this.

Instagram | @will_ent

The fact that a face swap doesn't magically grow hair on your legs is kind of a clue, but it's hard to focus on the details.

17. I'm with the pun all the way and I don't think there's anyone hardcore enough to try and steal this car.

Reddit | BA3K3N

Let's put it this way, I can't think of a single situation where taking something from Liam Neeson without asking has ever gone well.

18. The possibility of awkwardly angling your phone's flashlight aside, this is some pretty impressive stuff here.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

I wonder if this hotel has, like, three generators just so people stop asking what happens when the power goes out.

I refuse to believe the question hasn't come up.